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May 28, 2002 02:59 PM

Seattle - Malaysian

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Other than the wonderful Malay Satay Hut and the awful Rasa Malaysia, does anyone know of any Malaysian restaurants in the Seattle area?

Terima kasih!

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  1. The Asean Eatery on 45th and 11th claims to serve southeast asian cusine. I have not tried it yet so I cannot comment on how good it is.

    Ben Schielke

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      Ira Sacharoff

      Not exactly Malaysian, but in North seattle are two Singaporan restaurants, both pretty good, and owned by sisters. one is the Singapore restaurant on 15th NE and 165th?, and the other the Singapora on Aurora and 170th? They struck me as close to malaysian without being Malaysian. And they have sambal!

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      1. re: Ira Sacharoff

        Thanks for the information. If Singaporean, there must be something that's close to Malaysian (one of the laksas, rendang, nasi lemak, etc.) ... I hope. We'll try them when we're up there next weekend.

        1. re: Ira Sacharoff

          When was the last time you ate at these restaurants? They're not listed in the phonebook, none of my food-oriented friends have heard of them, and I was in both neighborhoods today and there's no sign of them.

          If you have more information, that would be great. Otherwise, I think we should all be careful to be sure that the information we post is accurate.

          1. re: Ira Sacharoff

            Singapura closed down YEARS ago. It's been several restaurants since then and the location is now home to the wonderful T&T Seafood Restaurant - best chinese outside the ID.

          2. Last night we finally made it to Malaysian night at Perche No. and the $33 menu was:
            Bak Ku Teh - pork rib in darkly spiced clear broth (the last of chef David's >>amazing<< special tea-spice broth);
            Hokkien Mee - thick noodle, shrimp, calamari, chicken, and dark soy. We mopped all that up, to be sure.
            Kari Arnab - Rabbit, flavorfully sauced with Galanga, lemon grass coconut milk, turmeric, chili...
            Nasi Kelapa - rice, coconut milk, pandan leaf
            Kai Lan - sauteed Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce
            Apam Balik - Malay crepe with toasted peanuts and sugar