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Apr 23, 2004 03:45 PM

Lake Louise Post Hotel Alternatives?

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Am staying at LL in a couple of weekends time and have wanted to try the Post Hotel for a long while, only to find it's closed for the month of May...

Would like some recommendations for the next best in Lake Louise, have done Banff to death so definitely want to stay in the village.


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  1. You could try Emerald Lake Lodge in Field. There are lots of people who stay at the Lake Louise Inn, but it's not the Post. The Chateau is pretty nice as well (and apparently the dining room is much improved).

    Also: look at Baker Creek Chalets, which are not far from Lake Louise.


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    1. re: Miles

      Thanks Miles, though I should have been a bit more specific with my post. We are staying at the Chateau LL for a work bash, but wanted to try the Post for dinner on our free night. The Post Dining Room is closed for May (though I think the hotel is still open) so was looking for the next best place to eat in LL preferentially.

      PS Great to see you enjoyed Bob's Pizza as well :-)

      1. re: naomi

        Lake Louise happens to be one of my all time favourite places and we have been regulars there off and on for the last 25 years. Two of our kids lived and worked there in the past. The Post & Outpost(downstairs) are great but, so are the following: Deerlodge Hotel dining room(short walk from the Chateau)& The Train Station in the village. I can heartily recommend both. Also, Peyto's cafe in the L.L.International Hostel serves an awesome breakfast. Lucky you to be in Lake Louise in the spring! Enjoy...fellow food lover.