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Apr 10, 2004 04:51 PM

Peterborough Eats!

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Can anyone recommend where to go eat in the Peterborough/Kawarthas area?

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  1. Hey there!

    I used to live in the Patch and I can recommend a couple of spots... Hopefully someone who currently lives there can suggest a few more.

    If you look in the downtown core there are a number of quite nice spots. The Patch is really lucky because the university has really encouranged some really interesting and inexpensive new restaurants!!

    Charlotte Annes (off Hunter as I recall) has always been a nice spot. The food is cafe-esque and quite nice.

    Hot Belly Mama's - Located on George Street. I used to go there all the time as a student. Great Cajun from my recollection.

    The Planet Bakery - Located on Water Street near all of the used book stores - be warned it is pretty small!! A great vegetarian spot! They make their own bread and has some wonderful sandwiches (I used to have a serious addition to the cranberry and brie!). A great sort of Bohemian spot!

    The Electric Clove - this is a more expensive pasta option- I can't recall its exact location though but it is not in the downtown core... Th'Electric City Gardens was another upscale location that always had nice food - I haven't been there is years though!!

    One other place to try - I know there used to be a nice sort of healthy food takeout spot on Hunter across from the Furrier.

    Also if you want to try some other spots go to Lakefield and wander around there - there are a number of nice spots there.

    If you go to Lindsay go to Olympia on the main drag - excellent greek food! And a really nice atmosphere!

    There are a few spots to start with. My suggestions for the 'hound is to skip Landsdowne - too many chains.

    Enjoy! It really is a nice city... but then I am biased :)

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      Interesting 'callsign': Otonabee! I noticed it on the Toronto board.....

      We've been to a couple of those you mentioned.


    2. I was just thinking I should post a message about the restaurant I went to the other night when I saw this thread. Aasmabik's Bakery and Bistro - a funny little place on George Street at the corner of Edinburgh (about 2 blocks south of Parkhill). Totally out of the way of anything but absolutely worth it. Fantastic wonderful inventive food cooked by a young chef in a tiny restaurant (seats 13). Seasonal stuff, local produce, really truly spectacular. And I don't say that lightly.

      It's open most days for lunch I think, but serves dinner only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Definitely make reservations.

      1. Aasmbiks on George is a fabulous little place which has recently expanded to allow more tables. Very unpretentious from the outside and not much better inside (mixed and matched chairs etc, chalkboard menu, house beer and wine only) but the food is absolutely amazing, creative and generous portions. Memorable and prices are great.

        1. St. Veronus downtown is very good Belgian food. Also great ambience. I also second olympia in Lindsay for down home Greek food.

          1. Have you been to Old Bridge Inn (new owner - previous owner of 38 Degrees now has it!)?

            Also, Cervantes is getting some nods (just opened on Hunter street!)

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              We had dinner this past Saturday at the Cassis Bistro in Lakefield, and were very pleasantly surprised.
              My Onion soup was as good as it gets with homemade stock, and my so's fresh Ontatio rack of lamp was supurb.
              It is not a "destination" resto, but we had a very pleasant evening, and the wait staff, two ladies are dynamo's.
              I would go back just for the upbeat, but not obtrusive service.