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Jan 13, 2004 05:55 PM

Who sells salt cod or serrano ham in Vancouver?

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Hi there!

I've been looking in practically every store that I have been in but can't find either of these items. Can anyone help me locate either of these items in Vancouver?


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  1. If you're looking for serrano ham from Spain, you won't find any. Serrano ham from Spain are not allowed in Canada.

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    1. re: BL

      For something approximating serrano ham, go to Oyama at Granville Island Market. My friends tell me they sell something that's very close (but it's super expensive!).... Can't help with your salt cod quest, but there are lots of Portuguese folk in Vancouver, so there's got to be a few retail sources, probably near Commercial/east Van?

      1. re: Redhead

        You won't find any real Spanish Ham in Vancouver. Closest thing will be Italian prosciutto, and then ask for the quality import (like San Daniel I think). You pay big bucks for the quality, so I actually recommend trying the lesser grade stuff, depending on what you're using it for (many people won't know the difference). Ask them to slice it very thin (but not shaved).

        There's lots of Salt Cod on commercial drive. Any of the grocers or deli's should carry it. Outside of Commercial Drive, I think I've seen it at Donald's Market at Hastings & Nanaimo, and I suspect the other Asian-Ital markets around there will have it.

        Was I dreaming or did I see it at T&T Supermarket once as well!?!

        1. re: Rubinsky

          Real Canadian Superstore in Richmond sells it as well.

          1. re: Rubinsky

            T&T might carry salt cod because of the Macao-Portuguese connection, Macao and Hong Kong are side by side so the salt cod might have travelled over. Regardless, salted fish is a part of asian cultures as well.

            My spanish from Spain friend fed me serrano ham from the stash his parents sent... it was really good, but hadn't realized how rare it was here.

            1. re: Rubinsky

              Ugo & Joe's on the south west corner of Nanaimo & East Hastings is one of Vancouver's great Italian delis. Best salt cod I've found in Vancouver. Great made in-store sausage, wonderful air aged beef.

          2. re: BL

            Thank you for the information about not getting serrano ham in Canada, that will save me hours of searching in vain. However now I'm curious. Why is it not allowed here?


            1. re: Cherie

              I believe it has something to do with the method of curing the ham that does not meet Canadian food regulations. Serrano and Iberian ham are produced in the cool dry regions of spain (Andalusia and Estremadura respectively) by packing the ham in coarse salt for a couple of weeks, then washed, then air cured in open barns (ventilation is controlled to regulate ambient temperature). Cure time is up to about 32 months for the most exceptional hams. The main difference between Serrano and Iberian hams is the lesser Serrano is produced from the "white pig", and the more expensive Iberian is produced from the exclusive Iberian pig breed which is almost exclusively fed on acrons from the corck and stone oak trees.

              [insert sarcastic tone here] You know, so many people are getting sick in Spain from eating hams and other barbaricly-processed foods, our fine Canadian food protection agency wants to protect all the innocent public from such atrocities. Is that how you spell "barbaricaly"?

          3. m
            Michael Tkaczuk

            I can't help you with Salt cod, but I will be importing some Serrano ham from Spain soon. My company will be the first to bring this product to Canada. Send me an email with your contact info. and will be sure to let you know when it comes in and where in Vancouver it will be sold.

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            1. re: Michael Tkaczuk

              Hello Michael , I'm looking for Serrano ham and Iberico ham as I'm from south of Spain I know very well this products and It is really difficult to find those in Canadá.

              are you selling those products already?.


              1. re: MariadelMar

                You can find both Serrano and Iberico Ham at Oyama on Granville Island.

                1. re: MariadelMar

                  MariadeMar, you're responding to Michael's post that's a bit more than 10 years old ......

                  1. re: MariadelMar

                    Well, ten years later you can find Jamon Iberico at, of all places,


                    If I had that much disposable income I would buy it ...

                    1. re: bill_n_opus

                      Whoa. Hope they don't come in 6-packs either.

                      1. re: bill_n_opus

                        And it comes with the carving stand and knife! A steal for $600 ;)

                        1. re: eatrustic

                          For 6 bills I want a butcher to come with it to cut it for me ;-)

                      2. re: MariadelMar

                        Wo, can't believe this post is still alive after 10 years. Anyway, I just bought some serrano ham from Bosa Foods in Vancouver the other day. It's located close to Boundary and 1st ave. It's not cheap though, $44.99/kg.

                    2. Try the Super Store. I get it there all the time.

                      1. I am surprised that no one has mentioned Bosa, an Italian food importer and super market. Two locations, the older one on Victoria Drive north of Venables and the newer and larger one a block west of Boundary just north of first. They have all kinds of great stuff and their prices are very reasonable. They always have salt cod (which they call Bacala).

                        For a serrano ham substitute, the deli items at Santa Barbara Market on Commercial are never expensive (in fact they are so cheap you wonder how they stay in business) and they carry San Danielle procuito.

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                        1. re: mshumi

                          No one mentioned Bosa because this resurrected thread is over 6 years old. At the time, Bosa only had their Victoria Dr location and was relatively unknown - despite being a fairly prolific importer and having having a well-known brand (Italissima). Indeed they are a great source for both Bacala and Serrano Ham (and Iberico de Belotta, if you are feeling rich).

                          1. re: fmed

                            Right. Thanks for pointing that out. I have been shopping at Bosa for over 20 years now, but yes, 6 years is a long time. What is Iberico de Belotta?

                            1. re: mshumi

                              Jamon Iberico de Bellota is a prized ham made from black pigs that are finish-fed acorns.

                        2. The original comment has been removed