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Nov 19, 2003 01:09 AM

Restaurant recommendation in Cobourg?

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I'd like to visit Cobourg for a few days for some downtime. Are there some good restaurants there? I'm looking for something in the $15 - $20 entrée range.

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  1. The North Side Grill is in my opinion the best restaurant by far in Cobourg. It may be at the upper end of your price range, but I had my wedding rehearsal dinner there and was very impressed, especially with the lamb.

    For less expensive meals, and for somewhat decent lunches, try Oasis.

    The Woodlawn Inn is good too, but is probably above the price range you suggested.

    The best breakfast in Cobourg is the Buttermilk Cafe. The pancakes are excellent...and the prices very reasonable.

    All of the restaurants I mentioned are on King Street in downtown Cobourg, with the exception of the Woodlawn Inn. The Woodlawn is on Division Street, not too far from the Via Rail station.


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      I must agree with previous recommendations for The Buttermilk Cafe. My family and I are frequent visitors
      from the Sh'wa. It's a nice drive and worth the trip.

    2. been in this town 23 years now... the buttermilk is way to pricey for eggs and bacon......go to homeplate, it is a little hole in the wall place, if you don't know it you would drive by it...go west on elgin street from burnham st....turn where you see the rogers store, drive straight into the lot and it is on your left.
      great breakfasts, great prices....
      Stay away from the woodlawn inn unless you like just giving your money away. Portions are terrible, that place is all about the place to eat now is a small greek place on the north side of king st just east of division st..sorry can't remember what it is called...about 2 or 3 doors east of division....great food, owners are very pleasant, you will love it.

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        The greek place on King St is called The Corfu. One of the partners is a long time Cobourg restauranteur who owned Zachary's and a place north of town. Great food. Good prices.

        There's also a really nice Thai place at the other end of King St which my wife and I quite like. Miss Thailand Cuisine. Prices are ok and the quality of the food is usually very good.

      2. This reply may be too late for you but the Matterhorn serves good ribsticking food for reasonable prices. It's not high-end gourmet but I enjoyed it.