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Sep 15, 2003 10:29 PM

commercial drive, best foods

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We spent part of the weekend strolling through the commercial drive area, and we were impressed by the selection and competitive prices of the food on offer there. From really lovely mushroom and cheese pies on offer for .95 each (at the mediterranean deli across from wonderbucks) to flavourful olive buns from an italian bakery. We basically ate our way through the neighbourhood, soo much for walking and exercising!
So, what are the food gems waiting to be found on the drive? Please share, thanks.

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  1. This is easy I love Commercial:

    Santa Barbara Market fot fresh veggies (better quality then Norman's) bread especially the Pao de Casa, and Merguez.

    Paris Bakery for Bahn Mi and second hand cigarette smoke.

    Continental Coffee for beans, ask for a pound of Famiglia.

    Grotto di Fromaggi for panini and Gorgonzola. Be careful with the ricotta, they once sold me stale dated product.

    Marcello's for Pizza from the wood oven.

    The Magpie for magazines and the place next store for Jazz and attitude from the owner.

    Places I avoid the LDB, the Havanna and Memphis Blues all because of dissapointing previous vists.

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      Nazare mexican chicken....around 4th or 5th for some of the juiciest chicken you'll ever eat....ask for "medicine" on it too...the green salsa type of sauce....the price isn't too cheap and very basic setup but good chicken. He has won many Vancouver best of best awards....

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        i disagree with havana- been there numerous times- only once was i dissappointed. go for brunch and order the simple soul food- they do a terrific job. the time i received average food was when i tried their dinner special. they were trying to get funky fusion type food that just wasn't their thing. best item i tried was the corn bread eggs benny- hmmmm soooo tasty. also liked wa zubeez and the bali restaurant (i think). oh yeah there is a greek restaurant on a side street with really good lamb- sorry forgot the name. adios CHUNG!!

        1. re: VAN_DOG

          I have been to Havana, and I wouldn't go back, the food was terrible with service to match.

          On to better things on the Drive, I always stop at Fratelli Bakery and RNZ Sausages beside the Royal Bank.

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            I just don't get why the Havanna does so well. Both times I went there was for brunch and both the food and service were awful. I don't think they are trying anything too difficult there,just basic dishes done poorly.

            1. re: Coop

              Wow, As a visited to Vancouver, I have been to Havana's 2 times and really enjoyed the service, the atmoshpere and found the food to be pretty good in an Cuban earls type way!

              A block of so down we went to Rime (if I recall correctly) which I thought was really unique!

              Also across the street from Havana's we went to this bavarian beer pub, and indulged in about a dozen different beers, which was a great time!

      2. re: Coop

        Celebrated my friend's birthday at Tio Pepe's at 1134 Commercial Drive and Napier.

        I was looking for authentic Mexican and this is as close as I could find. The price and portion were reasonable. Service is good. Atmosphere is quaint and quiet compared to the Mexican restaurants I've tried in the States. They do have a website if you google for them. I believe the menu is a combination of Mexican and Havana style. If you're going during prime time at dinner I suggest a reservation. When we finished on Sunday 8pm, there was a line up.

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        Thanks for all the replies!
        Especially for the merguez info.
        I love that stuff.

        1. I really like havanas- go for brunch or lunch- i did dinner there and wasn't too impressed. also wazubeez is ok for simple food. adios CHUNG!!

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          1. re: VAN_DOG

            Try Me & Julio at 5th and Commercial. Nouvelle Mexican. Really good.

            Wazubees has the most surprising wines by the glass list in the city. You just don't expect it. Awesome!

          2. I can't vote for Havana either.

            does anyone know if the Belgian Fries place is still there?

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            1. re: alex8alot

              still there in all their mayo magnificents

              1. re: el_lobo_solo

                thank you very much .I will definitely be stopping there this christmas for gobs of mayo maginificence