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Jul 8, 2003 06:45 PM

help a nyc hound in victoria

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i/ve read the threads and expect to go to cafe brio and maybe sooke harbour, but some specific questions: what's the story with herald street caffe, yes or no? also, besides the martinis, is it worth eating at suze lounge? is there a great sushi restaurant, love to do an omakase if you guys have a thought or two?

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  1. I stayed at The Aerie which is about 5/10 miles north of Victoria. Great place, great view, fantastic food and you can dine on their patio overlooking the water. I had lunch at The Empress and it was excellent. I would recommend staying there as well.

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      thank goodness someone posted a reply! we are staying at the empress and one night will probably venture to either the aerie or to sooke harbour, but i was hoping for some good sushi in town, or some good vietnamese or chinese? come on hounds, help us out here...

      1. re: susan robin

        IMO, The Empress is over-rated and over-priced (sorry!) It is gorgeous from the outside but most of the rooms are quite small; it is super old afterall! Anyway, the only food I have had there is tea (my brother from TO wanted to go)- again overpriced and nothing exciting. If you want afternoon tea try the Windsor Tea room in Oak Bay or Ellice Point tea house. Restaurant recs: Camille's in Bastion Square, Spinnakers Pub (which is right on the water) for fresh oysters, smoked fish, burgers ~ great pub fare. Sooke Harbour House (bring $$$!)for a unique experience. Have heard good things about the Aerie, Temple, Brasserie and Cafe Brio, however have not been myself. Let us know how it goes!

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          viola da gamba

          I can also thoroughly recommend Point No Point - see an earlier thread re: Aerie, Sooke Harbour House. IMO, the food is better than at Sooke, it's less far than the Aerie, and it's on the water. Some of the rooms also have their own hottubs on private decks looking over the beach. It's also cheaper than either Sooke or the Aerie - check it out!

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            thanks, read the earlier thread, too, but the additional comments help. got a really good deal at the empress, what can i say? don't want anything too fancy on this leg of the trip, sounds like we have some good options, and maybe we'll splurge and head over to sooke harbour and check it out. made a reservation at cafe brio, too. will report back mid-august.

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              I am sure you will enjoy your stay at the Empress, especially if you got a good deal! Have a great time and hope you post about it after you return!

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            I was in Victoria last August. I chose not to stay at The Empress because I don't like large hotels that much. I've stayed at Chateau Lake Louise and they are similar. I also visited Banff Springs Hotel and had lunch there. The scenery was great. The Empress is a grand old hotel but I would not recommend staying there. Since you already have a room, you could cancel it or just stay one night or two. Try The Sooke Harbor House. It was a pretty good drive, say 30/45 minutes or so and kind of winding road with nothing to see but once you are there, it's gorgeous, right on the water and the food's good, great wine list. The Aerie is not too far from Victoria, say 20/25 minutes. I also stayed at The Wickininish Inn in Tofino which is a 4 hour drive but worth it every bit. The drive is beautiful, great scenery and The Wick is great, right on the Pacific Ocean, big boulders, etc. The restaurant has a great view of the water and the food and wine is super. I was there on my 19th anniversary.

            Relais and Chateaux is a French Company that rates small resorts around the world. I've stayed at 25/30 of them and loved each one. If you get to Lake Louise, try The Post Hotel. Great place, with good food and Grand Award wine cellar.

            I enjoyed Victoria but I didn't find much in the city for me. My wife shopped some but not too much. I really liked Banff and Lake Louise, as well as Jasper Park if you make it there. Good luck.

            1. re: Ike!

              Here's a link to Relais and Chateaux. They have 4 restaurants in NYC and a number of resorts in the North East. I stayed at The Point and Lake Placid Lodge in Upstate NY and The White Barn Inn at Kennebunkport, ME. They were great.

              Click on the map for the region you are interested in and you will find markers for various resorts on the map.


        2. We enjoyed a meal at Cafe Brio three weeks ago. No help on shushi, but also highly recommend Paprika Bistro.


          1. I would also recommend a visit to the Tapas Bar in Trounce Alley. For Asian food, there are several good Chinese restaurants in Victoria's Chinatown. For dim sum Don Mees is very popular (2nd floor restaurant with entrance at street level about half way down the main block of Chinatown) My rule of thumb is look for ones that have lots of other chinese people eating in them! I would also recommend Mings which is on Quadra and Yates I believe.

            Japanese Village is a teppan-grill Japanese restaurant (located across from the Downtown Public Library on Broughton). Izumi (700 block Pandora) has the best sushi in Victoria.

            Victoria also has a number of very good Thai restaurants, notably Baan Thai on Blanshard Street and Siam Restaurant.

            I would also second the recommendation for Point-No-Point. It's a wonderful retreat and the restaurant is very popular.