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Jun 8, 2003 04:48 PM

Halifax eats

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I don't suppose Halifax NS is a gourmet paradise, but I'm hoping someone can make a restaurant recommendation or two. We're up for international, Italian, seafood (of course) and whatever else. Please help. Thanks

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  1. This is a topic on another bulletin board just now. (Think of the letter 'e' followed by a part of a bird.) The poster asked about fine dining in Halifax. Mentioned were fid, Cafe Chianti, La Perla, bish and a few others. Check out the menus and websites at and, then perhaps you could ask something more specific about them.


    1. Picolo Mondo on Argyle has great, fresh italian! My favourite Italian in Halifax...I've tried around!

      1. If you want Japanese, go for Shige Sushi on Spring garden or Doraku on Dresden.....not hamachi house. Everyone goes to hamachi house but they didn't even know what Ocha was. The first two are actually run by japanese.

        For fine dining, Onyx...Asian inspired french. The staff there all really take their job very seriously.

        For congee, Jackie's cafe on saturdays, the only congee in town.

        Soup and sandwich for lunch definately hit up pete's frootique.

        1. We were in Halifax in late September and ate at Fiasco's. Its a small restaurant in the lobby of a condo building just off Spring Garden (on the Mills Brothers side of the street). It was wonderful. I had a grilled scallop and spinach salad (it was before the spinach scare) It sounds rather plain- but it was anything but! My husband had the calamarie (which was sauteed- and in some sort of spicy tomato relish) For mains I had the halibut with caviar and my husband had the spagatini (Sp-sorry) topped wth a filet. )Which I thought was odd, but 2 people had it and loved it. The Tuna (served blackened) was perfectly mid rare as ordered (as were the steaks)
          The wine list is (IMHO)varied and well balanced.

          There was a chef's tasting menu but our server let it "slip" (we asked) that there was an offal course...Not for me.

          The chef and hs wife (Mary Beth and Martin) own it and are hands on. He used to be the chef at the Press Gang when it first opened.

          We are going back to Halifax in December and it is definitly our new "favorite" (replacing DaMaurizio's)