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May 24, 2003 01:51 PM

Manhattan Pizza in Guelph

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This restaurant in Guelph had great gourmet pizza. The owner would come to your table and explain everything to you, including the fact you don't want to overload your pizza with too many toppings. They had a piano for jazz nights and the best ceaser salad with anchoives.
It may be a shot in the dark (it has been several years) this place still open or has anyone shared this wonderful experience?
The restaurant was located on old hwy 6 south of the university, in a strip plaza south of the Portly Penquin.

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  1. Yes, Manhattan's is still open, and yes it is still great. It is very expensive by Guelph standards, though, so I think you would be better served going to one of the downtown restaurants, for instance Carden St. Cafe or Cornerstone.

    1. yep. it's still there. it's now in a plaza at kortright and gordon (just two plazas north of where it was previously) and is now an official jazz club.

      good food. reasonable price for that type of food and atmosphere. but not, shall we say, student friendly prices... although lunches are pretty resonable in price there.

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        I agree, their lunches are quite resonable, and still gourmet at the same time. And, there seems to be a pretty tasty soup every time I go in.

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          Manhattan's is a great spot for thin crust pizza. Atmosphere is warm and comfortable. I would agree with the posts above though, that the prices definitely deter students from going. I visit Guelph about 3 times a month and Manhattan's isn't even an option with my vet-school friends due to the price.