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May 18, 2003 10:57 AM

Banff & Lake Louise

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you all helped me last October when I went to Quebec and montreal. Now we are on our way to Banff & Lake Louise June 1st.I'm definitely a "foodie" and am need of scrumptious meals. will also be celebrating my folks 61st. wedding anniversary! C'mon now!

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    1. One of the finest restaurants in Canada is in the Post Hotel. I have not been in about ten years but still remember the great experience my wife and I had there. All reports I have read since have been positive.

      1. Here's our take on Jasper & Lake Louise.

        You'll love the drive -- should be a great time of year to do it.


        1. Other tips: don't miss Canmore, on the way to Banff. It's a wonderful little town (with a good golf course) and a cool food scene. Try Crazyweed Kitchen on the main drag, Melange across the street from it, and Zona's late night bistro on 9th St. Also don't miss a trip to Valbella Meats, just east of town, for boar pate and great sausages.

          in banff, I'd definitely go to Coyote's if you can get in. They have great fresh food and it's super casual. I'd also have a pint at the St. James Gate across the street.

          By all accounts the two flagship dining rooms in the big hotels, the Banffshire room in the Banff Springs and the main dining room in the rimrock are much improved and are now on a level with the post. The sommeliers are top-notch in both as well.

          1. When I used to work in Lake Louise (admittedly about 6 years ago) there were a few good spots...

            The Youth Hostel (I have attached the URL) did a great and filling breakfast & lunch - relatively cheap too!
            Laggans in the Lake Louise plaza was also excellent for lunch as well! The place used to always be packed.

            Baker Creek Lodge just on the 1A highway is a wonderful spot to stay - and, as I recall, eat!

            Also, I don't know if it is still there but The Station in Lake Louise used to be a great spot it was actually the original train station.

            If you are in Banff go to the Grizzly House - the food is pretty good, but it is the experience that is worth it. It does quite the exotic menu.

            Enjoy your trip - it scenery is wonderful out there - I know I still miss it!