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May 6, 2002 06:11 PM

best dim sum in Chinatown, Vancouver BC????

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I'm spending a few days in Vancouver BC soon. I'd like to know ahead of time where to go for:
- best dim sum, chinese bakery in China town
- best sushi, french bakery in Robson square
Thanks so much.

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  1. I'm sure that you'll get some good input on this site but I was also wondering if you've asked anyone on the Canadian site. I just looked at it yesterday and it seemed to have alot of good info!


    1. We just spent a few great days in Vancouver. Being real Dim Sum addicts, we tried a few places...Park Lock in China Town, very good, & opens at 8:00AM! Pink Pearl on E. Hastings, huge and really good. But the best place we went was Floata in Richmond, really outstanding, lots of interesting not your everyday dim sum choices, very reasonably priced, (especially with the exhchange rate!) and they also have a branch in China Town. We only live an hour and a half from Vancouver, and we're going to be going back often to work our way through the menus on some of these wonderful Asian places. And what an incredibly beautiful city it is, too! Have fun. Susan C

      1. My family and I like Sun Sui Wah, which also has two locations: one on Main St. and one in Richmond, B.C. We ate at the Pink Pearl for many years and it is good but doesn't have the wonderful variety and unusual dishes that we found at Sun Sui Wah.

        1. Best dim sum in Vancouver area is not in Chinatown. We go at least twice a year to the area just for dim sum and have tried lots of places. In Janurary ten other people went with us for our anual dim sum outing. Our choices in order of preference are: Fook Yuen Place Seafood Restaurant, 1008-8300 Capstan Way, Richmond; Fortune Restaurant, 650 West 41st, Vancouver; and Kirin Seafood, 200-7900 Westminister Hwy, Richmond. These all cater to the Chinese who came over in '90's and serve formal Hong Kong style (you order from a menu and the food is cooked fresh for you). Fook and Fortune don't advertise for the tourist. And you'll see few non-Asians at any of the three. The group has been to Sun Sui Wah and Floata in Richmond and enjoyed them, but the three above are better. Check the Canada board for more information regarding dim sum in Vancouver. I put on a long report in January regarding our trip. Let us know where you go and how you like it.