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Apr 21, 2003 11:41 AM

Calgary to Revelstoke eats

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We're from Chicago and will be flying to Calgary in June and then driving to Revelstoke for a wedding. Would love some suggestions for restaurants in Calgary and on the way to Revelstoke. We'd like to stay in downtown Calgary. Any hotel suggestions?

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  1. There are a few hotels in downtown Calgary that are worth checking out. The Palliser is Calgary's grand dame railway hotel (it's a Fairmont). It's old splendour, but you may find it a bit musty. There are three additional places: a spanky new Hyatt which has a good dining room, the Sheraton Eau Claire, which probably has the best location, and just across the Bow River, the Kensington Riverside Inn. This latter is a smaller, groovier hotel.

    For places to eat, it depends how long you have in Calgary. I wouldn't go to a steak house; being from Chicago, you've got Gene and Georgetti's, Gibson's, blah blah you don't need steak. The River Cafe, in the middle of Prince's Island park, is unique; the food's good and the space and the service are usually great. Calgary has a fantastic Chinatown, and my favourite place is the Harbour City on the corner of 3rd ave and centre st. South.

    I might also go to Teatro, which is on the Stephen avenue mall across from the Epcor Centre; mediterannean style food served in a turn of the century bank building. But for the most fun, I'd go to Brava Bistro, located on 17th Ave. S.W. It's got a good wine list, and is in the middle of Calgary's excellent 17th Ave strip.

    If you give me some input as to thefood you'd like, I can probably guide you more specifically.

    A couple of places on the way to Revelstoke: if you're stopping in Banff, it's worth going to Coyote's for lunch; a good cheap lunch place. Also, the Rimrock and the Banff Springs have remodeled dining rooms, both of which are top-flight. In Lake Louise, there's the Post Hotel and Deer Lodge.

    In Emerald Lake, just over the border into BC, at Emerald Lake Lodge there's a good restaurant in a beautiful location. And in Golden, the Kicking Horse Cafe is the place you should stop.

    No help for Revelstoke itself I'm afraid.

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      Miles--thanks so much. Faded splendor is one of my favorite things, so will call the Palliser at once. We like all kinds of food--I guess when traveling we like to eat at local joints. You know, where the person that owns the place does the cooking. We'll definitely go to chinatown as we always go to chinatown when visiting a new city that has one. Other people down the board have posted on the River Cafe--it sounds like a good place to sample some local food. How about spots downtown that have a good breakfast? A good burger? Any good Vietnamese?

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        Nellie's has several locations, one on Kensington Rd, one on 9th Ave SW, another on 4th St SW...the huevos rancheros are great.

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          The best breakfast I ever had in Calgary was an Italian a la carte brunch at Il Sogno in Bridgeland...the chef served frittatas and uovos en purgatorio...(eggs baked in tomato sauce). I don't know if the restaurant is still open, or if they still serve brunch.

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          Downtown for breakfast is a bit skinny; the 1886 Cafe in Eau Claire is pleasant, and the food's ok. I'd probably go to the Galaxie Diner on 11 St SW instead, or as sunnyside said, Nellie's on 9th Ave and 4th St.

          The best burger in town is at Buchanan's on 2nd Ave and 7th St SW; it's worth checking out for dinner, as they have over 100 scotches to sample and a decent wine list.

          There are heaps of Vietnamese noodle houses in Chinatown and elsewhere. Saigon y2K on Centre St. is good; I'd probably give the Oriental Phoenix on 4th ave downtown a miss. There's also excellent vietnamese subs on 1 St SE in Chinatown. Other good vietnamese include the Vietnam on 12th Ave, Co Do on 17th AVe and 14th ST, and Blue Ginger in Kensington. (although the latter's name may have changed).

          There's excellent Italian on the 2nd floor of the Eau Claire Market at Prego. Also for higher end, try Il Sogno in Bridgeland. For a real slice of Calgary's Italian community, though, take a cab to Sandro Pizzeria, on the corner of Edmonton Trail and 40th Ave NE; the food's great and it's authentic.

          There is an excellent Indian place on 4th AVe and 5th St, Glory of India, which has a very good buffet lunch. My favourite Indian place in town, though, is the Skylark, on 17th Ave and 52 St SE; it's worth the long trip.