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Mar 19, 2003 05:41 PM

Cayenne Peppers in Toronto

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Is it just me or is it near impossible to find fresh cayenne peppers in Toronto? I have tried the standard grocery stores to no avail... I then figured I couldn't go wrong at the St. Lawrence Market. Again, no luck... In fact a few of the grocery shops in the market had never even heard of cayenne peppers?!

Anyhow, if anyone knows where I can purchase some fresh cayenne peppers I would be most appreciative!



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  1. Cayenne peppers are available at several greengrocers in Kensington Market. The chain supermarkets are lame when it comes to chiles; they don't seem to carry anything but jalapenos. St. Lawrence Market is good for fish, meat, cheese and dozens of different kinds of honey and mustard, but they're not strong on "ethnic" produce.

    1. I bought fresh Cayenne pepper from Fiesta Garden Market
      at 200 Christie St. down town Toronto,( Christie St. north of Bloor St. west)