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Feb 22, 2003 06:32 PM

Ribs at the Bar-B-Barn

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My Mom loves the ribs at the Bar-B-Barn in Montreal. Anyone ever been? She is coming to Toronto to visit next month and I'd like to take her someone in Toronto with comperable ribs. Any suggestions?

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  1. Don't know about BBQ Barn, but the former Dipamo's on College near Ossington is the ONLY rib joint in town worth investigating. Due to a franchise deal gone wrong, the place is now called Phil's Original. The Dipamo's on Eglinton West might now own the name but the food is nowhere near the Original.

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    1. re: Not Dipamo

      I can't say with any authority that Phil's Original is the only rib restaurant in Toronto worth investigating - I'm not a Now Magazine lemming, and I haven't eaten at every single restaurant in Toronto that specializes in ribs (e.g., Tony Roma's, Purple Pig, RD's, etc.). If you want something beyond the standard pseudo-American rib grub, you can seek out some amazing ribs at various restaurants that are not "rib joints" - Korean ribs are delicious, as are Jamaican jerk ribs, and Xacutti's guava ribs. Enjoy!

      1. re: Alex

        Although I have yet to try much BBQ in Toronto, let me share one thing that I do know about ribs here. Tony Roma's ribs are not barbequed. They're baked. If you like baked ribs, you may like them. If you want ribs that have been barbequed in a smoker as they are done in the south and other BBQ regions of the US, then don't go there.

        I cannot comment on their quality but Phil's, RD's, the Purple Pig and Dipamo's do indeed use smoke to cook their ribs. If you go to any of these restaurants you will have ribs that will be barbequed in a somewhat tradition manner.

        1. re: Alex

          Please do tell where I would get Jamaican jerk ribs?
          I'm thinking now I will just make my own actually, good idea!

          1. re: tbone187

            i've had jerk ribs at the Olde York Tavern on Niagara. pretty tasty.

        2. re: Not Dipamo

          I would venture to say that only Dipamo's is the only authentic BBQ in Toronto. The restaurant specializes in side, back and beef ribs, pulled pork, smoked brisket and a variety of seafood from smoked salmon to talapia. In Toronto, there is only one spot for REAL southern BBQ. The Pit Master, Sean Simons brings over 15 years of BBQ experience and the company has gained a reputation as the leader in the Country. If and when in town, I think you would be missing out on a great experience if you missed out of Dipamo's on Eglinton West.

          Where did you get the franchise deal going wrong thing?

          1. re: Doug

            "I think you would be missing out on a great experience if you missed out of Dipamo's"
            Actually, you'd miss out if you went there. It's closed.


        3. I agree, Phil's Original BBQ ( is it! However I did recently find another place thats also kinda neat and to me comes in 2nd. The place is a bit out of town and its called: Haugen's Chicken & Ribs Barbeque ( Though their chicken didn't necessacarily rock my world the ribs were pretty good and the atmosphere definately reminds me of the south. If you're into classic cars or bikes, I'd rcommend going at least twice. Once on a regular night for a typical feel and once on their "crazy busy nights" where they have a Cruise-In ie/ Wednesday night Cars & Thursday nights bikes.

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          1. re: live4food

            Yes, Haugens is good bbq! My whole childhood consisted of trips there weekly.. i miss it :(

          2. Thank you for the heads up on the Bar-B-Barn in Montreal ( I've moved to Ottawa from Toronto and havne't found a BBQ place out here. We'll definately be making a trip there. Mind you my guy bought a Green Egg and has been slow cooking BBQ and has gotten damned good at it because of my and now our cravings. Woo Hoo! Short BBQ roadtrip!

            1. Jane:

              Yes, the Bar-B-Barn was a regular "haunt" when growing up in Montreal. Who was the obnoxious dj who promo'd the ribs there...this is going way back...Ralph Lockwood from I think CKGM...or was it later the "sports mouth" Ted Tevan or was it Blackburn?

              It became part of the "cholesterol tour" when I made trips back to Montreal: Bar-B-Barn for ribs, Magnon's for roast beef, Montreal Pool Room for steamies and frites, Schwartz' for smoked meat, barbequed chicken at Laurier or Chalet or the Chicken Coop, bagels from St. Viateur, souvlaki from Arachova [sp?, "baseball" burgers from Mr. Steer...never get away with that rare hamburger nowadays with ecolli concerns, Orange Julius from where else?

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              1. re: Bob Mac

                Bob Mac, it was Ralph Lockwood doing the Bar-B-Barn commercials on CKGM. The last radio personality to do the Bar-B-Barn commercials was Andy K(that was around 3 years ago). Last I heard Andy K was working at a small radio station somewhere in Ontario. Nowadays their radio commercials are done by the owner.

              2. BLM, thanks for the assistance with "memory lane" and the radio listening during my "mispent youth".....