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Feb 18, 2003 01:25 PM

Whistler Restaurants or Local Treats?

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Food Person interested in any Whistler dining options or great bakery treats..

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  1. Good truckstop type breakfast at the Southside Deli (near the Husky station). For dinner, we like the Rimrock Cafe (same area as the deli), the Bearfoot Bistro is very good, but quite expensive. La Rua is good as well as Araxis for more upscale. If you are travelling to Whistler from Vancouver, a great spot to stop en route is The Roadhouse Diner at Klahanie. It is directly across from Shannon Falls in Squamish. It is casual with very good food and service, plus they have lots of bunnies hopping around on the grass! Have fun in Whistler!

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      viola da gamba

      The Roadhouse has (or used to have) the BEST garlic fries - still one of our favourite places on the way to/near Whistler.

    2. I was in Whistler last year. Had a great dinner at Hy's Steakhouse. Bearfoot Bistro is excellent, pricy...They have a wine bar right next door..great menu, lowere prices..I highly recommend it. There is a sushi place in the main village...I think it's called Sushi Village..on the second floor..excellent. I didn't eat there but the Chateau Whistler Hotel is worth checking out for at least a drink...very grand bar and dining area.


      1. Old post, I know, but for any Googlers stumbling on this page here are some down to earth, cheaper, locals type restaurants:
        1) Wild Wood Cafe at Function Junction. Function Junction is a couple of kilometers before Whistler Village where 99 meets the railroad. FJ's dominated by a bus depot and auto supply shop and has a couple of cafes/bakeries. Wild Wood Cafe specializes in sandwiches and breakfast food but it's out of the way location guarantees mostly locals and simpler food. Wild Wood also operates more fancy restaurants in Whistler Village. http://www.wildwoodrestaurants.ca/htm...
        2) Pasta Lupino in Whistler Village North. In the more down to earth part of Whistler Village, next to a dollar store, this tiny pasta shop makes all of their own bread and pasta. http://www.pastalupino.com/
        3) Samurai Sushi. A cheap sushi place with decent food that's always packed with locals and tourists in the know. 7011 Nesters Road RR 7, Whistler. (604) 935-0006‎

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          Any other recommendations in Whistler for a short 3 day trip ? Must try places ? We're travelling from SF.

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            If you're only there for three days, I suggest you splurge one night at either Araxi or Bearfoot Bistro. They are both absolutely superb restaurants (but pricey).

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              Hey osho,

              If price tag isn't an issue, check out my recent review of the 5 course tasting menu at Bearfoot Bistro. Was definitely splurge worthy.


          2. I would definatly second the Wildwood recommendation. The breakfast there is soooo good and definatly at a good price!
            My favorite sushi place there was Sachi Sushi just behind the Sobeys there. Always good and always fresh. The spider rolls there were the best I ever had!!
            The patio at the 4 Seasons is really beautiful and worth having a drink on.

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              Wonderful. We're staying at the Four Seasons, so we'll check out the patio for sure. Any other must-try venues ?

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                Trattoria (Italian) is fantastic and reasonably priced. Thoroughly enjoyed our dinner there (all 9 of us....)