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Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto?

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My wife and I visit Toronto every few years. My vegetarian son just moved to Vermont and we are planning to treat him to Toronto, once again. Now we need to find some good veggie restaurants! We appreciate any help! Thank You.

Link: http://www.kennethconner.com

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    morgan fairchylde

    Cafe 668, 668 Dundas West

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      Yes, I second that this is a good place.

      Also, Lotus Garden which is on the South-West corner of Dundas and Beverley Streets.

      Simon's Wok, at Gerrard and Logan.

      Pulp Kitchen at Logan and Queen...

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        Lotus Garden is gone. There is a new one, Full Moon, on Dundas half way between Spadina and Bathurst, that I've been meaning to try.

    2. Annapurna,
      Hare Krishna temple- $7 buffet. Hit and miss but hey it's cheap.
      Buddha's Vegitarian=- some of it's greasy but the smokiest spring roll that's home made and amzazing

      1. there are lots of good restaurants in TOronto where a veggie meal can be had, but a GOOD veggie restaurant, is kinda like the unicorn imho,

        My personal favourites for eating veggie are ethnic:

        Chinese: Buddhist Kitchen 3290 Midland for the gluten and the fried bean skin rolls

        Middle Eastern: Jerusalem 955 Eglinton W (the tahini, fried tomatoes, saffron rice, lentil soup, fried eggplant and vegetable skewers are excellent)or try the Buffet at 4777 Leslie Street where everyone can select their own.

        Indian: My favourite veggie order is from Timothy's 556 Parliament Street where I get the mulligawatawny soup, the okra, the cauliflower and the eggplant.

        Thai: Golden Thai 105 Church for dinner. Their grilled eggplant is terrific.

        Ethiopian: Ethiopian house on 4 Irwin. The sheero wat (spiced ground chickpeas) and goman wat (collard greens) are excellent. And get the green house salad too, the dressing is very good. Add the azifa (spiced green lentils) and you've got a veggie delight. They have vegetarian preset platters too. But the above mentioned dishes are our favourites as they are spiciest.

        Super downmarket but a cheap and delicious lunch would be Not Just Noodles at the corner of Yonge/Wellesley where you can get a huge dish of fried tofu, dried chinese mushrooms and bok choy for $7. They have a lot of veggie friendly options.

        Italian: Terroni on Victoria -- I often order vegetarian by default because they have a great bufulo mozzerela salad and their pizza with gorgonzola, pears, walnuts and honey is one of my favourites -- a lot of their thin crust pizzas are veggie.

        Another great place for oven baked pizza is Hornero on Yonge and Breadalbane (just south of Wellesley). The 3 cheese pizza is outstanding. And there are also veggie pasta dishes.

        Little Italy is full of places where a vegetarian can order happily.

        I'd recommend against a fully vegetarian restaurant when there are so many good restaurants where selective choice can provide a more tasty dining experience.

        1. Fressen, on Queen West, is an upscale vegan restaurant. Great atmosphere, terrific food (although the appetizers are generally better than the mains).

          We're not vegetarians, but we do go to Fressen on occasion. We've always been happy with our meals, although the service has sometimes not been great.

          1. Also see veg.ca for a good list of veg and veg-friendly places broken down by neighbourhood.

            1. King's Cafe in Kensington serves up very decent vegetarian Chinese, with lots of fake meat options that he may enjoy from his pre-veg days.

              - Lea

              1. I recommend Camros which is on Hayden St a side street just south of Yonge/Bloor. They are a small Persian organic vegetarian restaurant family run and extremely ecofriendly. Great food, great atmos. www.camrosorganicfoods.com

                1. Cafe 668 is amazing and I am not a vegetarian (my boyfriend is). Check out their website at: http://www.cafe668.com/

                  1. Also worth a try is Juice For Life (several locations, including Dundas/Spadina-ish). Maybe not the classiest joint in the world, but a great selection of veggie options. The sweet potato fries with miso dipping sauce are a go-to comfort food for us.

                    1. NON-VEGETARIAN w/ VEG OPTIONS:

                      1) Zucca - fresh linguine pasta with tomato sauce. The best in Toronto, and if you're hungry like me, ask the server for the "one and a half portion" (not on menu). Generally Zucca is very accomodating to any special wishes - including veg.

                      2) Thai - Sorn Thai - Cashew Orange Tofu w/ mixed vegetables, Spicy Thai Rice Noodles w/ Tofu www.sornthai.com


                      1) Fressen

                      2) Pulp Kitchen (Meat Lovers burger is indistinguishable and BY FAR the best in Toronto


                      3) Boom Shiva

                      4) Happy Buddha Chinese/Vietnamese - IFFY - but Spicy Sesame (mock) Chicken over broccoli is now famous and officially a personal addiction.

                      1. everybody plugs cafe 668, it is a darling fav for eye/now readers. It is good, but there are better options.

                        One personal favourite, if you're willing to journey out of the downtown core, is Graceful Vegetarian. It is located at Market Village/Pacific Mall, hands down the best vegetarian restaurant in the city. You do pay a little extra, but the quality and presentation is much better than the Chinatown options.

                        4396 Steeles Ave, East Unit E8
                        Market Village Shopping Centre
                        Markham, ON Canada
                        Phone: 905-479-8381


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                        1. re: aser


                          i dis-agree

                          cafe 668 is far better then graceful. That being said graceful is not bad either. they are also located on east beaver creek and highway 7.

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                            I totally agree with you Aser. Everybody does plug Cafe 668. Nice food but lot's of other places are doing a similiar job for cheaper and better size portions. Now magazine critiques don't know too much about food or writing about it. I am gonna give this Markham rec to my bro who works in Markham. Thanks.

                            1. re: food face

                              It's been a while since I've been to 668 but I thought they serve Vietnamese veggie food? which is different from e.g. Graceful which serves Chinese cuisine.

                          2. Graceful Veg has dim sum which is almost impossible to find elsewhere.

                            I thought their East Beaver Creek location closed.

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                              I went by the e beaver creek location last week and unfortunately, there's a note on the door asking patrons to visit their market village location. The signage is still up, so I'm not sure whether the downtime is temporary or permanent.

                              galambo - we'll agree to disagree. I don't think cafe 668 can offer the same level of elegance and presentation as graceful veg. They surely do beat them at price point and convenience though. As most fans of cafe 668 are downtown dwellers that are adverse to travelling to the suburbs.

                              teep - cafe 668 is a mixture of Viet and Chinese. Whereas grace veg is strictly Chinese, that's the general consensus I gather.

                              Just general info for people, graceful will not cook w/ onion or garlic as buddhists considers these ingredients to be harsh.

                              1. re: aser

                                1) yes we will agree to dis-agree. about 668
                                2) i agree that the price point grace is better, but you get what you pay for.

                              2. re: mrsleny

                                on west beaver creek and 7 you will find a rest called 'gourmet veg rest.' and they to serve dim sum veg style. and it is, in my opinion BETTER then grac.

                                look i don't mind grac, but there are a lot better places and i tend to go there instead

                                1. re: galambo

                                  I have tried Gourmet Veg a couple of times but didn't like their dumplings. I find their wrappers are too heavy. Graceful's "har" gows are almost like the real thing.

                                  For regular dishes I agree other places are better but for dim sum, Graceful's is the best.

                                2. re: mrsleny

                                  on west beaver creek and 7 you will find a rest called 'gourmet veg rest.' and they to serve dim sum veg style. and it is, in my opinion BETTER then grac.

                                  look i don't mind grac, but there are a lot better places and i tend to go there instead

                                3. Three ideas for you,

                                  Lotus Pond, 3838 Midland Ave, Scarborough, if you have a car. Great vegetarian chinese dishes, they serve mock meat dishes as well, if you like that.

                                  Live Organic Food Bar, 264 Dupont at Spadina, amazing raw food restaurant, delicious.

                                  Sidhartha newest restaurant, just west of original on Gerrard, is vegetarian, though other two Sidhartha's have vegetarian choices as well.

                                  If you are shopping on Queen St. West, Sandwich Box, in the market across from City TV is great, build your own sandwich with a salad for about $6.

                                  Sounds like you have been to Toronto many times and know there is a great diversity of restaurants with vegetarian selections. Enjoy your stay.