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Sep 4, 2002 10:44 AM

Fairmont Hot Springs/Invermere ISO Good Eats

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We'll be in this area from 9/8-9/14. Plan to visit Radium Hot Springs and hopefully Banff and Jasper area. Still looking for your suggestions for good chow. We're from the SF Bay Area and are pretty adventursome chowhounds! Appreciate any suggestions.

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    Ted Richards

    I just got back from that area. We didn't have any fantastic meals, but thoroughly enjoyed the meals at two places (we ate at both twice):

    Deer Lodge in Lake Louise (right near the Lake, not in the village) is very good. We particularly liked the buffalo[?] carpaccio. I suggest you eat in the lounge, rather than the adjoining dining room, since you can get anything on the dining room's menu, plus some additional dishes that are only available in the lounge.

    Surprisingly, the main restaurant at the Athabaska glacier visitor's center, at least the Chinese side of the menu, was very good. The hot and sour soup, the ginger beef and Viceroy Cho's chicken (the general got a promotion :-) were all delicious. It's not the best Chinese food I've had, but it was much better than what I expected. It's pricy, of course, due to the location, but not outrageously so.

    The Post Hotel in Lake Louise Village has a very good reputation, but we were disappointed overall, considering the prices were very high. The fois gras appetizer was terrific - by far the best dish I had on the trip - but the main courses - my beef tenderloin steak, and my wife's caribou - were not faulty, but were pretty bland and uninteresting, and desserts were not interesting at all.

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      Hey Ted, thanks for the post. We leave day after tomorrow so I'll post when we get back!