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Aug 27, 2002 10:37 PM

Please! Tell me there's some good chow in Calgary & Fountain Valley Area?!?!

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We're (8 of us) headed for the Canadian Rockies 9/7 -9/14. Will be in Calgary for only one night, then on to Fountain Valley for golf. We are San Francisco Bay Area chowhounds and really appreciate all kinds of food. I've searched the Canada board and not come up with much to encourage me about the food finds in the areas we will be visiting. We love Canada and food doesn't have to be fancy, just good! Come on you guys, there must be something good to eat in these areas! Also Banff/Lake Louise - please tell me there are some good places....

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  1. There are heaps of good places to try in Calgary; if you're only here for one night, the River Cafe is probably the place you should go. It's situated on an island in the middle of the river next to downtown, and they serve good food. You should probably make a reservation.

    Where is the Fountain Valley?

    There are also good places in Banff and Lake Louise. For upscale dining, I'd probably go to the Banffshire Room at the Banff Springs, and to the Post Hotel in Lake Louise. There's also the Coyote Cafe in Banff which is excellent for a quick lunch. There's decent sushi at the Sukiyaki House.

    At Buffalo Mountain Lodge, you can try Cilantro, which serves Rocky Mountain cuisine ... and has a decent wine list. I'd also probably try Deer Lodge in Lake Louise, and go to Emerald Lake Lodge for dinner. It's in a spectacular location. Canmore also has a couple of good restaurants, especially Zona's late night bistro, where it's fun to sit at the bar.

    What sort of food are you interested in trying?

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      Wonderful suggestions! I'm having more and more Senior Moments these days -it's Fairmont Hot Springs rather than Fountain Valley... In the Columbia Valley near Radium Hot Springs and not that far from Banff I think. It's described as the "Palm Springs of Canada" as there are a bunch of golf courses. There are 4 couples going on this trip; 6 golfers, 2 non-golfers. We love all kinds of food; I'm the only official "Chowhound" and have been elected to find places to "chow". Most of the group will eat anything but one is more of a "meat and potatoes" type; especially lamb but appreciates great steak too. I was curious if any of the steak places in Calgary are really good or not. I've pulled up some reviews and some of them sound good but the River Cafe sounds really nice. Appreciate your input.

    2. You must go to the Post Hotel dining room. The two brothers who own the hotel have converted it into one of the best in the world and Wine Spectator just gave it the Grand Award (best in the world)!

      In Calgary I agree with the River Cafe suggestion. I have eaten there many times and have yet to be dissapointed. Blonde is also a new find in Calgary.

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        Blonde is shut; it's now Centini. There's a great new restaurant called Catch, but given that they're coming from San Francisco they've got lots of fish down there ... They might also try Il Sogno, a great new Italian place in Bridgeland (across the river).

        For a casual and decent meal, try Buchanan's (there's nothing like a good burger ....)

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          Thanks for the suggestions! I've done some searches for restaurant reviews on Google - lots of stuff. River Cafe gets lots of mentions.