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Apr 21, 2002 12:46 AM

Klamath Falls & Medford Eats

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I have to be in Klamath Falls, Medford and Bend OR for a week. Any dining suggestions?

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  1. You're on your own in K-Falls.

    Down Town Bend, Marz Cafe on Minnesota and Han's on Wall St.

    1. In Klamath Falls:
      Antonio's Cucina on Main Street has good Italian. The Creamery is a brew pub with good bar and food. Mr. B's Steakhouse on south 6th has good food -- best to eat in upstairs lounge. Thai food at Thai Orchid downtown. There's also a good Thai one out South 6th street. Nibbley's on Washburn has great breakfasts and lunch. Mia and Pia's is brew pub and pizza on Summers Lane. Old town Pizza downtown. Mermaid cafe for lunch only -- very good. Dinner at the Crystalwood lodge east of town is great -- reservations essential. Rocky Point east of town on upper klamath wildlife refuge is good food in rustic environment. Downtown lunch or coffee: Daily Bagel. Chinese: Dynasty Restaurant downtown.

      1. There have been some recent (2-6 mos) discussions of Bend and not much has changed. Suggest a search.

        1. If you like authentic Italian fine dining, check out Bel Tramonto Italian restaurant. This place is a little bit out of place in KF, but it kicks! Unbelieveable menu, all made from scratch. Hard to believe that KF has a fine dining restaurant, but it's true! I've traveled all over Europe, Asia, and the US, and this place is one of my top 5 favorites. On the web -