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Apr 1, 2002 09:51 PM

Vanipha Lanna on (and other treats) St. Clair Ave W. (long)

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For fans of Ban Vanipha who are in midtown, Vanipha Lanna (a related restaurant) opened a location last fall on St. Clair (south side at Winona, between Christie and Oakwood), in addition to the one on Eglinton. There's a write-up in this weekend's Globe which is accurate. I have been a few times and the food is very tasty - great salad rolls, eggplant dip, chicken dishes, noodles in cocounut curry. My only criticism, which is also mentioned in the review, is slow service sometimes (not on every visit). The coconut ice cream with fried bananas is a satisfying conclusion to the meal.

While you're on St. Clair another place worth a visit is Sweetmaster, a Hungarian bakery (it's on the north side west of Christie, open til 8 pm and closed Mondays). Delicious cakes and tortes made with real whipped cream and a light flaky apple streudel. They also have schnitzel, chicken soup, goulash (haven't tried the goulash). Very reasonably priced. (Not to be confused with the recently opened World Class Bakers which is right at Christie. World Class carries Dufflet's, Gryfes and other good products from other places, but doesn't have a homemade hazelnut torte).

Or for a trip further west at Lansdowne there's always gelato at La Paloma which has been mentioned already on the site. Oh and pastries and donuts at Tre Mari bakery...

Lots of other St. Clair W restaurant and treats to write about for another post.

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  1. Does Sweetmaster have Dobos Torte? It's my absolute favourite.

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      Sweetmaster does have dobos torte - lots of layers, a touch of rum I think and some caramel on top. It's very good (and miles better than dobos I've had that came from the Open Window at Bathurst/Wilson or other bakeries).

      1. re: verbena

        Thank-you, you've made my day. Sweetmaster here we come.