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Apr 9, 2002 01:57 AM

Mukilteo Chow

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I recently started a new job in the Mukilteo area, I was wondering if anybody knew of some chowhound worthy places to eat.


Ben Schielke

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  1. if you travel the road toward the ferry terminal, just before you get to the entry area, on your right you will see an old house with a sign out front advertising
    sausages/hot dogs. they do a great job. the only problem is they seem to have very haphazard hours,especially in winter. i've been disappointed more than once to find them not open.

    1. You might try the Grouchy Chef. It's in a strip mall on the Speedway, north of Harbour Pointe. The food is fantastic, very cheap, and coupled with the signage, provides a very unique experience. My wife and I had dinner there last week, for $9.99 you get a cup of homemade soup, an 8-10 oz filet of salmon, fresh string beans, salad, and your choice of starch. I had shrimp mashed potatoes, and my wife had the polenta. All was great with wonderful desserts as well. Serves lunch and dinner. Well worth a visit.

      1. Grouchy Chef is great, but only open weekdays. Others good bets by the water are Tin Fish, Arnie's for happy hour, or the Diamond Knot brewery.

        1. This post is 7 years old! I'm sure by now you found some good eating spots. ;)

          I live here and here's where I go for lunch and/or dinner (some repeats of other replies):
          Tin Fish
          Grouchy Chef
          Ivars in the bar (they have some great happy hour specials)
          John's Grill (on 5th Avenue. I don't remember the exact name)
          Z's Burgers
          Kosta's (Greek steak is awesome.)

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            The little mall at the corner of the Speedway and Chennault Beach Road has:

            Sakuma Japanese Restaurant
            Henry's Donut

          2. Blazing Onion is like the best burger joint so far!
            its in mill creek plaza