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Feb 6, 2002 03:01 PM

Recommendations for Woodbridge area restaurants?

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I am looking for recommendations on good Woodbridge area restaurants ... can't seem to find anything on any of the other Toronto restaurant websites .... Thanks!

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    1. Desserts Plus at 8611 Weston Rd. It's an Italian eatery. Very good, well priced food. Also Memphis BBQ and Wings at 8074 Islington Ave. The BBQ is pretty good as far as Toronto goes.

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        I second Desserts Plus and Memphis BBQ. Marcello's (in a plaza across the parking lot from Vaughan Mills) is also a good place for Italian. Koganei is good for Japanese.

      2. I had a to die for New Year's Eve meal at YANG's Teppanyaki & Sushi (it is in the plaza in front of Vaughan Mills, next door to the Kappa store)(by all means i am not well versed in japanese food, however, i have been to several japanese places in woodbridge, and believe that this is by far the best)
        I also brought a corporate chef to Saggio at 4040 Steeles and we all had a wonderful meal.

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            Saggio is Italian food. There's Basilico at Islington and Rutherford. I went there a few times a few years back and it was quite good. They make a lot of stuff in a wood burning oven. Ice Cream Patio on Rowntree Dairy is quite good as well for pizza and pasta. Thats all that comes to mind so far.

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              Romanos is a very good restaurant for Italian food. Their contact/address is:

              830 Rowntree Dairy Rd

          2. The original comment has been removed