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Jan 11, 2002 01:37 PM

Fresh Vanilla beans in Toronto/Mississauga?

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Hello. Where can I buy fresh vanilla beans in Mississauga or Toronto? And how much are they approximately?

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  1. you can get them at john vince foods on supertest road off of dufferin north of the 401 south of sheppard. they are about $2.99 for 2 beans.

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      Chris Issariotis

      Loblaws sells them. Don't remember the price.

    2. I buy mine at Casa Acoreana at 235 Augusta Ave. in Kensington Market. Usually, they have them available in bulk - but yesterday, they only had them in pairs in glass tubes. They were however, soft, which is not always the case at Loblaws. I think All the Best Foods of five Thieves fame, has them, but they are more expensive there. Two beans were $4.50 at Casa Acoreana. They also have a large selection of bulk items (beans, peas, rice etc. )and I think their coffee is quite good too.

      1. You can get them at John Vince, and they are $3.99 for 2 beans, I guess that is the price of inflation.

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          Big Carrot had them at $.99 each last year.

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            Michael-Angelo's in Mississauga has good vanilla beans in the spice section at 2/$4.99, i think. I don't find that too expensive considering the cost of the drive and parking in TO.

          2. I get mine at costco. They are nice and sticky. 10 beans for I think $11.

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              Which one? My local (Ajax) dropped them, but I did get a card.

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                warden and ellesmere as well as the one on woodbine near hwy 7

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                Is this a Costco in the GTA area? I've never seen them there, only the pure vanilla extract.