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Dec 13, 2001 01:45 PM

I'm looking for the coolest, tastiest, hippest restaurants in Edmonton and Calgary

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I will be visiting Edmonton and Calgary and would like to know what the coolest, tastiest, hippest restaurants are. You know. the local favorites that should absolutely not be missed! PLEASE help me out if you can.

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  1. Try Jacks grill, it is an older restaurant however the product they serve is very good. It is south edmonton. In calgary there is a ton of great restaurants. Try savoir fair, or blonde.


    1. Try Savoy's, Bagel Tree, Sorrentino's(if you have extra cash), Cafe Mosiac's-mainly vegetarian but beware the service is so-so, New York Bagel-don't blink;it's a hole in the wall and Tasty Tom's.
      All these restaurants are on the main part of Whyte ave or little bit off of the main ave.

      1. I'm sorry but I forgot to mention that my suggestions are all in Edmonton!

        1. For the best and probably most expensive, hit the Hardware Grill (appropriate attire of course!). Rivercity grill or Jack's grill is also good.

          Creperie or Normand's (french), the king and I (thai), kyoto(sushi) or Japanese Village (teppan grill upstairs), khazhana or murya palace or new asian village for indian, pagaloc for vietnamese (no decor, but great food), bistro praha for czech food.

          That's just off the top of my head!

          1. Edmonton is a great food city; here are some faves:

            * Top slot goes to the Hardware Grill (they have a website at Truly fabulous, innovative Canadian cuisine, and wonderful wine. I particularly like the planked salmon, the bacon-wrapped scallop appetizer, and their steaks. Great decor too. Don't miss it.

            * I used to love the River City Grill, but thought it had gone out of business. News on this would be welcome if anyone knows....

            * Jack's grill is out toward the suburbs, and to me has less character and depth than the Hardware. But it's good.

            * The 'Grills' are all high-end (though in Edmonton that's still pretty reasonable: appetizers are $12-18 Cdn, and mains $16-24). For cheaper eats, I'm a fan of Kyoto for very reasonably priced sushi lunches; The King and I for extremely good Thai; Cafe de Ville , Packrat Louis' and the Manor Cafe for fine-ish dining; and New Asian Village for Indian.

            Enjoy! And let me know what you discover....