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Apr 2, 2002 12:21 PM

queen anne barbecue--seattle--anyone been there?

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Hi all
has anyone tried Shirley's Queen Anne Barbecue?
Love to hear your thoughts...

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  1. > Hi all
    has anyone tried Shirley's Queen Anne Barbecue?
    Love to hear your thoughts...

    I tried it shortly after they opened. As far as I remember it was fine, but I haven't been burning to go back.

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      John Maltman

      I am really surprised this place is still there. I have been there once, but go by it frequently as it is close to my favorite video store. In fact I had a dream about this location a few weeks ago. I dreamed that the old Kellys Big K from Montlake (Circa 1970) was in the space. Kelly was there in his white t-shirt carving wonderful prime rib sandwiches to an adoring crowd. dream (Don't start with me about how Gradys has the same Big K sandwich...last time I was there they tried to pass off sliced sirloin roast as prime rib,(which was discribed in the menu as prime rib, and at a prime rib price). When I called them on it they just shrugged their shoulders and mumbled something about food costs. The whole thing still makes my blood pressure rise!!)

      Back to Shirleys Queen Anne BBQ............
      Last Friday at 12:30 (lunch), I entered the clean, and empty spot. 7 or 10 duece tables, all set up with paper placemats, flower on the table, etc. Music was playing from the radio, and a TV mounted on the wall has MTV 2 on with the sound off. (huh ?????)

      I went to the counter and ordered a BBQ Beef sandwich and a soda. The woman behind the counter took my money(lots), while another proceeded to put some glop onto a bun and stick in in a microwave. I was told to sit down and the'd bring it out to me.

      I went to the refegerator, got a can of Pepsi and sat down (as instructed) and started reading the paper. About a minute passed, and a seeded hamberger bun with BBQ glop was placed infront of me. Alongside the sandwich were a couple of anemic looking pickle chips, and a piece of iceberg lettuce. I picked up the sandwich, and .....

      It was OK as far as glop goes...not great, not bad, but just ok enough that I didn't worry I was going to get sick.

      The whole thing seemed really wierd. Empty room, empty glass display case in the front (what is up with that ???) Which was topped off by having to overhear a personal phone call the staff was having.

      The cost of this extravaganza was close to 7 bucks.

      Next time I'll be at the Hilltop or at Elliot Bay Pizza....


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      1. re: John Maltman

        My father bought Kelly's from Perry. Perry trained my brother and I worked with Perry and his wife Ione for a few months. We built 2 more, Kelly's Downtown and Kelly's on Broadway. I have all the recipes still. At Christmas when our family get's together I'd get lynched if I didn't bring everyone a quart of the BBQ sauce! My father also owned Jilly's East, which was next door to the original and many would take their sandwiches next door and have a beer. I still use one of Kelly's carving knives that he carved prime rib and ham french dips with.

      2. Been there, and have to agree with the comments previously posted. It's OK, nothing that makes me crave going back for it, but I will. It's a convenient location for me, but certainly not a "wow"-earner.