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Nov 30, 2001 11:27 PM


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i'm going to be in Vancouver around Christmas. Is there usually a problem getting a walk-in table at tojo's? should i try to make a reservation now?

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    Flying Food Fanatic

    We just got back from a few days in Vancouver. We went to Tojo's for the first time on Monday evening, the 26th. We arrived fairly early, at about 6:30 p.m., and had no problem getting a table without a reservation. I don't know if we were just lucky or if that is normal for a weekday, non-holiday night. Tables were still available when we left after 8:00 p.m. Enjoy! We did!

    1. I don't think it would be too crowded in December but why risk it? If you have a few days and are out for some Sushi experiences go to Yoshi on Denman as well. In my opinion their a la carte menu is much better than Tojo's and cheaper. I know it's blasphemous but I'm no big fan of Omakase and that seems to be the only way to appreciate Tojo's. My wallet's just not full enough.

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        thanks for the advice, i've read your other helpful vancouver reports on this board as well. i hope i have enough time to sight-see and eat at all the restaurants that are on my list.

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          Glad to help, it's my favorite place in the world to travel and obviously love to eat. I saw your other inquiry. I'll double the other recomendation of the Fish House in Stanley park as a safe bet for conservative palates. It has a warm atmosphere, kinda lodgey. It's definately a "touristy" place (not to start any other chowhound wars but I am a tourist in Vancouver even though it feels like home.) ala Tavern on the Green or something but the food is actually good. Also Raincity Grill would be another appropriate place, less stodgy, equally great view, topnotch service and from what I understand an amazing wine list.

          Iron Frank's short list of don't miss favorites:
          Vij's(Indian Fusion), Montri's(Thai), Yoshi on Denman(Sushi), En(neo-Japanese), Tropika(Malaysian), Gu(Japanese tapas), Kirin Seafood or Floata for Dim Sum. Sophie's for breakfast EVERY DAY.

          I haven't had a decent meal in the downtown Chinatown aside from the Floata dim sum. I'd stick to Main St and have dinner at Sun Sui Wah or go to Legendary Noodle on Main St. anyday but Tuesday for handpulled and rich noodle soups. For more formal, modern type downtown Chinese Shanghai Chinese Bistro is very good. At all of the Chinese restaurants though (as anywhere else with huge Chinese menus) its all about knowing what to order. I've learned a lot about Chinese cooking and ordering in the last four years so when we went to all of the most recommended places in town when we were first there we often were disappointed.

          If I didn't mention a usual fan favorite it's not because it's bad but just not worth rushing out for in my opinion(like Diva at the Met).

          Next time I'm there I'm going back to the foodcourts in the malls in Richmond and chowing on anything that moves it all looks so good.

          Enjoy and please report back!

          1. re: iron frank

            Thanks! I'll be sure to report back.

            1. re: l'il dragon

              Where are you travelling from anyways? It's interesting to note in regards to what level of Sushi you're having in your area. It's great here in NYC but it's been said on these boards that the west coast sushi is the real deal.


              1. re: iron frank

                Hey Frank,

                I live in NYC, I read your posts on the Manhattan board as well. Interestingly, I eat Japanese all the time, but I'm not even a sushi fanatic. I think I was just so psyched about Tojo's because it seemed to be on everyone's "best of" list, and I started to feel it was a quintessential fine dining experience in Vancouver -- like visiting the city without eating at Tojo's would be criminal. It's all good though, because I made a reservation for Jewel Bako and plan on blowing my money on omakase there.


                1. re: l'il dragon

                  That's hilarious two New Yorkers sucked in by the Tojo's hype. I've only been twice mind you, once omakase, once a la carte. On Sushi alone, it just doesn't hold a candle to Jewel Bako. Forget about the fact that there is no host as good as Jack at JB as well. I'm all about the Sushi but Jewel Bako's lacked of cooked dishes limits who I can eat there with. En is very Nobuesque without the hype or super high prices. Oh well to be continued on the Manhattan boards.

                  Enjoy your trip, we're headed out there early in the New Year.

                  Please Vancouver (and all of Canada) place some orders at the chowmarket so Jim can live to see his 40th birthday stressfree and chowhound can thrive on all of our own support!