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Nov 15, 2001 09:03 AM

Recommendation in Toronto.

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Hello fellow Toronto Chowhounds! My girlfriend and I will be traveling to Toronto from Boston this weekend 11/16-11/18. We will be staying at the Marriott located on Bloor Street. Can you please recommend some restaurants around our hotel? We would like to stay away from the tourist traps and try some of toronto's hidden jewels. Please recommend anything from steak, chinese, fusion cooking, spanish tapas or local cuisines! Thank you so much in advance!

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  1. Well, the hotel you're staying at is surrounded by tourist traps. Exception: Patriot, 121 Bloor West, a spectacular spot that specializes in fusiony Canadian cuisine (no, not Thai donuts). Foccacia on Heyden street is very good as well and within walking distance. Brand new (2 weeks so nobody knows about it yet) Gus at 1033 Bay (not far from the Marriot). Sophisticated Greek (!) food from the owners of Lolita's Lust.


    Goldfish (contemporary) a little further west of the hotel on Bloor West in the Annex.

    Seven Numbers on Eglinton West at Avenue Rd — funky, Sicilian home cooking. VERY NOISY!!!

    Susur on King West (you won't get in and you probably can't afford it)

    Bar Italia on College — very popular, inexpensive modern Italian. Crowded.

    La Palette in Kensington Market — tiny, French bistro. You'll need reservations.

    Pho Hung or Dai Nam on Spadina for Vietnamese.

    Late night — Spaha on Harbord near U of T (French sort of with DJs)

    Elixir on Bloor West — updated Persion.

    Best Indian — Dhaba on King West.

    Sushi — there's a Japanese restaurant on every corner. Remeber Toronto is 1500 miles from the nearest ocean.

    Mexican — doesn't exist, nor does Spanish.

    Avoid hotel restaurants and anything in Yorkville.

    Check out the restaurant guide at, they generally know what's new, good, and hot.

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      Will try some of your recommendations.

    2. Check out You can search restaurants by cuisine or neighbourhood. A few of my favourites are Rashna (Indian/Pakistanini) on Wellesley St., The Friendly Thai (2 locations downtown, Yonge St. & Queen St.)and Kalendar Koffee House on College St. (eclectic menu and romantic atmosphere).


      1. Beezelbub

        I must correct you for your post that there is NO mexican restaurants in TO.

        MEXICAN = Dos Amigos (great mexican & amazing Taquila menu!)

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        1. re: andrew richmond

          I went once to Dos Amigos. It began with not having the ingredients for the low alcohol cocktail as I was driving (it was a margarita with club soda) and stringy beef tacos. Avoid Avoid Avoid

          1. re: industry worker

            Well, how about El Sol then? It is very slow service -- but, it is reasonably authentic and the Mole Poblano is good.

        2. industry worker:

          Stringy Beef tacos is not a bad thing!!!! if you want cheap ground beef, got to TACO BELL - lol