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Sep 29, 2001 03:04 PM

Indian food in toronto -- Is it me or what????

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I've had several bad meals at the Nataraj in the last 4 months (not having been there in about three years). The food was virtually inedible. This has happened 3 times in a row. Normally one bad meal is enough to send me away but I've loved the place since it opened and always looked forward to my meals there hence the other two tries.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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  1. Nataraj has always been not that great IMHO. Indisn Rice Factory is still good — thogh expensive — and Dhaba on King is better if you tell them to spice it up. Also, theres several good restaurants in the new Little India at Albion and Islington. It's like how the best Chinese places are in the suburbs now.

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      So, it wasn't me after all. Phew! My favourite is still the Shar-e Punjab out Broadview way. I've never tried Dhaba though I will soon.


      1. re: mike

        Coincidence - tried Dhaba last Thursday for the first time.
        Main problem was service - absolutely disastrous! The food suffered because of the wrong info we were given by the server.
        1. Many dishes contain tomato (I have a problem with that), so we asked if one particular dish could be prepared without tomato - andd were told no - the sauce is pre-prepared.
        2. Ordered a non-tomato dish, which came with a strong tomato flavour - didn't eat it. By coincidence, the chef was touring the restaurant and noticed the remainder and asked why we didn't finish it (no such interest from the server). After listening, he told us that the tomato was added at the end to ALL dishes - including the one we'd originally desired.
        3. We told them we were theatre bound (arrived between 6:15 and 6:30 and had an 8:00 curtain). Had to go looking to pay as the server disappeared.
        4. The wine we wanted was out-of-stock - it was a sparkler and no substitute available in that style.

        Also avoid the garlic Naan - at $2 more than for the ungarlicked, it represents about a 20,000% markup.

        On the upside, the chef made every effort to save the day - offering to recook the dish without tomato (but we had to rush off to the theatre). Also the ingredients were excellent quality.

        Last visit to the Nataraj was also disappointing, but I put it down to an off night as it's usually pretty good. Will retry and report.

        And I no longer visit Sher-e-punjab - last couple of times I went it was just 'hot' - no measured spicing and layering of flavours - just 'hot'.

        Haven't tried Indian Rice Factory for years - just too expensive for the quality.

        1. re: Estufarian

          Dined at Dhaba in August. Found it to be exceptional. Goat balti and okra okra in particular were memorable.

          1. re: AZ

            Has anyone dined at Dhaba at both the old and the new locations. I used to be a lunchtime regular are the old location but have not tried it since it moved downtown. I have heard through the grapevine that the quality has decreased, and from the sound of this board so has the service. It is the same restaurant I once new and loved?

            I have found Mr. Maharaja on Balmuto b/n Yonge and Bay to be very good.

            1. re: shanny

              Hello! I loved the old Dhaba...but I will not start pining over something that is no more. I don't like the new location - it's expensive, the service isn't great, and the decor feels generic. Yes, I've heard that Mr. Maharajah is very good. It's already been a year since the glowing Globe & Mail review; I'm going there at the end of the month, and I hope the food quality is still fabulous.


    2. I tried Dhaba for the first time last week, my friends have been recommending it for years. I also found the that the food was great and the service miserable - and the restaurant was only half full!

      I like the food at Shala-Mar on Roncesvalles. The menu is very meat-oriented though, it could be difficult piecing together a vege dinner. One tip: if you want spicey food there, tell the server.

      1. No one has mentioned the Host, on Prince Arthur. It's in our neighborhood, so I almost consider it a neighborhood place, except that it's fairly expensive. The food is reasonably good, and, in contrast to Nataraj, it has never been closed down after an inspection, and it's consistent. Service has never been less than gracious.

        1. I totally agree with your assessment of Nataraj and was surprised to see it recommended by several.I have found the food much too greasy, although the tandoori cauliflower was good.There are just too many better Indian restaurants to warrant a return visit.

          The food at the Indian Rice Factory on Dupont is pricey, but delicious -try butter chicken, lamb shanks any style. For cheap but good - Biryana House 6 Roy Sqare(Yonge and Bloor).The pakoras are amazing.I don't like the lunch here, because you can't order what you like off the regular menu. Babur on Queen is reliable.I have had pleasant food at Sir Taj on Cumberland. If money is not a concern,I'd go to the Rice Factoy as a first choice.