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Sep 16, 2001 10:50 AM

Old Dutch snack question

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I'm looking for the name of a snack product made in Canada with the Old Dutch label. It is a puffed corn product, kind of twisty, whitish in color, maybe 1 inch long? Does this sound familiar to anyone? Please help! Many thanks. My dad has offered to bring me anything back from his BC vacation and this is what I remember from my childhood that I would enjoy the most.

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  1. They are simply called POPCORN TWISTS!

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      That's it! Thanks so much!! As a school girl (back in the 60's), my friend & I used to save our bus money our moms would give us when we wanted to go downtown, and we would walk both ways in order to use the money to buy a bag of those popcorn twists. In retrospect, the exercise probably did us good. Anyway, we moved from Canada in 1971, but I still crave those popcorn twists which we don't get in the States. I always bring back a couple of bags whenever I get a chance. Cheers!