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Aug 28, 2001 12:21 AM

Vancouver Sushi

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I'm headed to Vancouver tommorow in search of Great Sushi,(and superb Cantonese). Has anyone been to Bon Sushi. I haven't tried it yet but heard it's good. Any ideas of other new hotspots?


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    hung wei long

    Tojo's is awesome but pricey

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      Steve Savitt

      Tojo's is worth every cent, since the fish he uses is absolutely top quality. Toro there is what toro should be. I've never had anything nearly so good elsewhere, so less expensive toro is the rip-off. At Tojo's you get classic Japanese cuisine with top quality ingredients done by a master. I have been eating his food for about twenty years (since before this restaurant, in fact) and have never seen him miss on quality.

      And I understand that you are paying about 1/2 to 1/3 what similar quality would cost in Japan, if you could find it.

      1. re: Steve Savitt

        Tokyo prices vary!!! Go to Edo (area, not a restaurant.) at lunch time and the prices are low since there are no expense account lunches1 The Sushi bars are "wall to wall." The sushi is great coming from the area where it was invented! In the evening, when the "expense account crowd" comes out, the prices can triple. I've had good sushi in Vancouver / Richmond but nothing to compare with Edo1

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          I was in Vancouver last month and ate at Tama Sushi (West Broadway), EN (Granville) and Yoshi on Denman (Denman).

          1. re: FT

            Koko in the 2000 block of East Hastings has great sushi at reasonable prices.

    2. The Bon is OK although some dishes aren't consistent grade (eg rubbery squid).
      For an innovative sushi experience check out the sushi bar ( relationship with Yoshi's , I think ) at Enoteca, an amazing italian restaurant (order the ice cream with 100 year old balsamic vinegar) but start the meal with sushi generated by the primo chef, Pino. Tuscan tangoes with Tokyo.