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Aug 21, 2001 08:51 AM


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I will be staying at Lake Gananoque for Labor Day weekend. What is good in the area? I read about Chez Piggy. Do we need to make a reservation? Also, is there a tabacconist in Kingston? Thanks.

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    Marc Bernstein

    I have never been to Gananoque,so I don't know anything about the restaurants. Regarding Kingston's Chez Piggy,yes,I would advise making reservations there-lunch might be ok without a reservation;unless you want to sit outside on the patio,but dinner at Chez Piggy:reservations are needed! It can be rather busy.. You might also try "Stoneys" by the waterfront:Ontario Street-very good pizza+ steak. Reservations there are usually advised too. Don't forget to try "white Mountain Ice Cream" in Kingston-better than anywhere else! If you are near Ottawa,"Domus Cafe" is simply a gem! Good luck. Marc Bernstein.

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      As a longtime resident of Kingston, I understand the appeal of Chez Piggy, although it's way more uneven now than during its glory days, but the faithful still go. Was just there last week and had a delicious poached shrimp with a lime-ginger mayonnaise. Reservations are most definitely required, but unfortunately they don't take reservations for the patio. Make reservations for indoors -- locals in-the-know almost always choose a table downstairs in the bar section where the full menu is always available and the atmosphere much more interesting than the upstairs dinning room, the appeal of which has never ever made sense to me. I must politely disagree with the Stoney's suggestion -- the very definition of run-of-the-mill. Another suggestion for lunch or even a light dinner -- go to Chez Piggy's sister establishment -- Pan Chancho bakery/take out -- and select a few of their very tasty dishes and take them down to the lake for a picnic. The food is a tad bit over-priced, but usually very good and high quality. As for Gananoque, there used to be a very good restaurant there -- The Cook's Not Mad -- but it's sadly closed. There will be another, run by someone who's now at Pan Chancho, but not in time for your visit. Enjoy.