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Aug 7, 2001 02:18 AM

London Ont restaurants:Sebastions(Richmond Row) other places?

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I am planning an overnite trip (August 17th/18th) to London. Aside from "Sebastions" Richmond Row(how is is doing? Is there a new one? Have they moved from Richmond Row? How about Garlics? How is the London Regional Art Gallery? They still have lunch? Does Chris Squire still do the lunches at the Art Gallery?? I miss his restaurant. It was something special. Sebastions is always good,often interesting,sometimes abit too ambitious with their menus for lunch/dinners. as I recall,the pot pies(chicken/turkey) very good,the salads inventive,the many bake chicken+ fish/beef dishes tend mostly to be very good. It's been almost a year since I was last there. I miss the lovely place,"Say Cheese"(Dundas?) (I hope that's the name) I've never been to "Garlics". How is it? How is "Murano"? Is the place called "Bon Apetite" still open? I have gone to it a few times;it was quite good. I'm trying to recall a place(West London-Adelaide Street-not far from "Banting House Museum")-they served the most magnificent Rack of Lamb!! Very small too.

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  1. Saw your previous postings on Chez Piggy as well and it conjured up memories from going to Queen's and the occasional visit from parents and we'd clamour to go to Chez Piggy even though none of us knew fine cuisine. Did you try the Stilton pate there? My first taste of the cheese ever was at CP.

    As for London, can't wait to hear about updates on Sebastian's and Garlics. Went to grad school there, and again, on student budgets, couldn't afford dinner out! But I did go to Garlics a few times and though we were grimy students, the service was impeccable, and their pastas were sublime.

    Have an excellent time. And also, if Sammy Souvlaki still exists....get a kebab late at night. It was cheapo food after bar hopping but it was delicious. They had a truck in a permanent spot close to the bars, but I can't remember the exact location....maybe someone else can tell you. Sammy's is an institution.

    Happy Chowing.