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Jul 3, 2001 05:07 PM

Good eats in Toronto for families

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Look forward to visiting at least twice a year. Our family loves Toronto and has favorite relatively low-cost faves.

Marche the BCE Place on Front atop Hockey Hall of Fame. Like a marketplace setting, eating as's fun. Go to different stations for salad, pastas, fish, steaks, desserts. What makes it fun is all the activity, great presentation of the foodstuffs, like in a market. This is not gourmet eating, but the prices don't reflect it. Our teens love it and have for years.

Country Kitchen on Bloor. As my daughter says, time to explore our roots. Great Hungarian cooking in a casual atmosphere, lots of U of Toronto students and profs. Noisy and fun...reminds me of my grandma's kitchen. Try the chicken paprikas or the's bigger than the plate! Had to spend more than $10 a person.

Hard to beat the food at any of the established places in Greektown. During the summer eat outside and watch the world go by. Get a dinner or a cheaper alternative is a gyro.

Going to Little Italy or Corso Italia this time around in late July...any low-cost, fun alternatives.?

What are your favorite low-cost family spots??

ken in saginaw MI

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  1. don't know if you've made it to little italy yet, but my favorite is "cafe diplomatico". it's cheap, lots of uni students during the year. really friendly, lots of good food, check it out!