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Jun 19, 2001 01:35 PM

Toronto visit

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We are going to Toronto for the weekend in the end of July and I was wondering if there is any sort of definitive Toronto/Canadian food experience we should look for. (Me and hubby from NYC, my parents, also going, are from Michigan.)

I remember Toronto as a diverse, chic city, but it has been a while since I've visited. Anything we should go for - no matter how "touristy?" (In NYC - you gotta try the Carnegie Deli, although I personally prefer the 2nd Avenue Deli - in Philly; the cheesesteaks, in Chicago- the blues clubs.) Is there a quintessential Canadian/TO fare or experience?

By the way; looking a few posts down, I printed out the top 10 list and a few other things ... great ideas, all. Thanks in advance - and any other reccommendations welcome.

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  1. Can't think of anything difinitively Canadian except maybe Patriot on Bloor St West. They feature dishes with Quebec foie gras and maple syrup. Apart from that, TO's a lot like NYC in that since there are so many recent immigrants here you get a great selection of high quality and authentic ethnic food. There are a lot of neat neighbourhoods Litte Italy on College St, Korea town on Bloor West/Christie St, Greektown on Danforth Avenue, about 6 Chinatowns with the best restaurants up north in Markham and Richmond Hill, litte India on Gerrard St, you get the idea. If you like West Indian, the Oxtail at Albert's Real Jamaican on St. Clair Ave West/Bathurst St is to die for.
    Good dining!

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      Susur on King West. One of the best restos on the planet according to Gourmet mag.

      Dinner for two: $US300

      1. re: Dimbulb

        Yowza - not looking to spend *quite* that much. ...

        Any other suggestions - say in the $50-$70 (US) per couple range? I've seen a few other posts and gotten some suggestions - anyone eaten at Verona, Marcel's or Le St. Tropez? Those were reccomended by a friend of a friend .... thanks in advance ...

        1. re: jennifer

          ALL of the restaurants along King West are geared towards tourists because of their proximity to the mega-theatres, Holiday Inns, the Skydome and the CN Tower. In short, tourist traps. No one who lives here would ever consider dining there. One exception: Dhaba, the best Indian eatery in the city has just re-opened there (great lunch buffet).

          Here's some suggestions in your price range in the downtown area:

          *for contemporary eats:

          Sarkis on Richmond East

          Foccacia on Heyden Street

          Patriot in Bloor West

          Zinc on Richmond West

          Cafe Societa or Ellipsis on College

          Vavoom on Queen West

          Verveine on Queen East

          Silver Spoon on Roncesvalles

          *upscale Japanese:

          Tempo on College


          Elixir on Bloor West


          Seven Numbers on Eglinton West

          La Bruschetta on St Clair West


          Matahari on Baldwin (a 2 block street near the Art Gallery of Ontario with over 30 restaurants, some good, some so-so, but very Toronto)

          There's a Toronto guidebook that'll clue you into the city tourists don't get to see — Now City Guide Toronto. You can get it online at or

          Hope that helps.

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