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May 24, 2001 10:59 PM

Nortown at Eglinton and Bathurst

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Nortown at Eglinton and Bathurst:Further report:The quality of their meats has slipped quite a bit. I have ordered meat from the location;the people there are rude,don't get the order correct. Three times I have ordered a variety of meat from Nortown-they have:-#1-sent wrong kind:such as the time I ordered "Baby Veal Chops-First Cut,and they sent huge tough ones instead-without telling me over the phone+ charged extra for them too!! What a rip-off the place has become!! There is a lovely apple cake there-I have ordered it-at leat twice it has arrived moldy!! Garbage!!! I have ordered fresh bread there-Moldy! I live downtown with my mother,(a senior citizen with health problems-she's 80 and has a hard time getting around) I work all the time as projectionist at Famous Players,so my free time is limited. I do not like Nortown too much these days!! Very early this morning,I ordered a large amount of fresh meat from Nortown. The person I spoke to was rude. When they delivered the order(I was not home) my mother was most upset:We had ordered Steaks-London Broil:They sent these huge t-bone steaks with so much fat on them!! We had ordered chopped liver-Sour!! We ordered broiling chickings-not clean-our maid had to clean them-several times. We ordered Soup:Chicken soup:it tasted sour and old. Finally,we ordered fish-boneless salmon:well,we are sending back everything to Nortown tomorrow morning:The fish was full of bones-and it smelled so fishy!! I think that Nortown needs to be visited by the Board Of Health!!

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  1. I'm curious why you keep ordering from Nortown when they seem to displease you so. Good experiences in the past that make you keep hoping they'll get their act together?

    Deb H.

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      Marc Bernstein

      Ok:Why I continue to order from Nortown at Eglinton and Bathurst,even though I despise it so much-#1=it used to be very good. The meats were of good quality. The service was always warm and helpful. #2=My family and I go back along way:shpping at Nortown at Eglinton and Bathurst was a tradition in my family for more than 40 odd years! More importantly,my family's roots:very important:My father,Jack Bernstein,was president of Famous Players Theatres,and a long time pioneer in all fields of the motion picture industry-dating back to 1937! So,he shopped (and he liked Nortown alot back in those wonderful years.) My Uncle,Dr.Abraham Bernstein,(formerly of Mount Sinai Hospital) was/is one of Canada/Toronto's chief medical specialists-he is well-known to many old-time members of Toronto's Jewish community. (He also shops at Nortown-or he used to,till quality slipped.-now he shops other butchers-north) My mother,Soprano Mary Simmons,used to love to shop at Nortown before we moved downtown. But,for her and my sister (Harriet Bernstein-at "Dreamworks Films") also a long-time shopper,along with her son:Marc Bernstein-we regard Nortown with contempt-#1-the meats are filthy!! #2-The Service is rude!! #3-The owner is a hostile,argumentive butcher!!! He also is an uncivilized BOOR!!!!! Plus:My late) Grandfather(Zaida) A Great Cantor:at "Beth Tzedec Synagogue",Cantor Akiva Bernstein-one of four Cantorial Brothers-well-known+ loved by Toronto's Jewish Community-goes back to the 1930's in Toronto. He used to shop at Nortown-when they had different owners-so for my family:to be treated this way by this present crummy and bull-dog of an owner of this third rate butcher shop-well:We Bernsteins ARE GOING TO BOYCOTT "NORTOWN"!!! I WILL CALL THE BOARD OF HEALTH!!! "NORTOWN" NEEDS it's "wings" clipped!!! Marc Paul Bernstein!! It's "Marche" for me!!

    2. I used to find Nortown had particulrly good quality items, although it has been a while. I know my sister wouldn't shop anywhere else. I wonder if the two other Nortown locations are just as bad? (York Mills and the Promenade)
      As far as rude service, isn't that sort of a Landsman thing? ( or maybe it is just my sister!!!)