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May 15, 2001 12:52 PM

Toronto - First Weddin' Anniversary

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All - Going to TO for our 1st anniv for 2 nights. Havent been there in about 10 yrs. I'm looking to you for Chowhoundy suggestions on food and lodging. One dinner has to be nice with great food (but not too stuffy) the rest? Give us delicious dim sum hideouts, breakfast bars, Lebanese delights, super sushi, whatever. All suggestions greeeaaaatly appreciated. I won't shy away from "things I gotta see" after 10 years either.

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  1. Most Romantic - Scaramouche (especially if you can get a window table).

    Where I go for Anniversaries - Truffles at the Four Seasons. It's more stuffy, but I really like the tasting menu which you can get with a different wine for each course (if you ask).

    Both are around $250 for two including a reasonable bottle of wine.

    For more down-to-earth places see the various discussions below.

    Can't help with accommodation.

    1. OK looking at Scaramouche. Anyone got anything on Oro?