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May 4, 2001 05:39 AM

Visiting Vancouver week of 14 May 2001

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Suggestions? Sun Sui Wah is on my absolute list. How about Sushi and good chicken places.
I'll have a car so anywhere in the area is OK.
I'll be staying in North Van.


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  1. j
    Jeremy Osner

    Be sure to have a lunch or dinner at Peter's Chung King, on College near Spodina. You can read Alan's review of it (and several other restaurants) at the link below.


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    1. re: Jeremy Osner

      Well, perhaps when I get to TORONTO but I am going to be Vancouver. Any helpers?

      1. re: Rachel Lee
        Jeremy Osner

        Oh... that's weird. Sorry about misreading your post. My eyes must have been crossed.

    2. t
      Tom Armitage

      In Vancouver, B.C., the leading sushi restaurant is Tojo’s. A reservation is usually essential. Though I've not been there, another Chowhound recommended a new Japanese restaurant, EN, upstairs at 11th and Granville. For Indian food, go to Vij’s. Phnom Penh, a Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurant, is a personal favorite. Don’t miss the garlic pepper squid (Grandma’s recipe). For French cuisine, Lumiere is the place to go. Since you’re interested in seafood, someone may recommend going to C. Don’t go. In fact, if someone recommends C, I’d disregard any and all other restaurant recommendations he or she may make.

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      1. re: Tom Armitage

        Since there have been several favorable posts about C, I'm wondering what your experience has been? Feedback is good. . .details are better, especially when stated so strongly!

        1. re: Tom Armitage

          I agree with your perceptions of 'C'.

          I have been twice and will never return.

        2. p
          Patricia Mitchell

          Hope this reaches you in time. I have lived in Calgary a long time and hope these recommendations fit the bill. Dim Sum @ the Silver Dragon in Chinatown. Metropolitan Grill in Mount Royal (good food, good night life), Tandori Hut in Kensington for East Indian. Fianlly the Grizzley House in Banff and the Banff Springs a must.


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          1. re: Patricia Mitchell
            Patricia Mitchell

            Meant to post this to the Calgary/Banff site. Sorry for the confusion

            1. re: Patricia Mitchell

              Well, I guess if I am ever in Banff or Toronto I am prepared!

          2. For the best crab ever, try Banana Leaf, a Malaysian restaurant. It's on Broadway. I go there often with my boyfriend, and we always order the same things: one chili crab, roti canai (bread/pancake appetizer that comes with curry sauce for dipping) and coconut rice steamed in a banana leaf. It's a wonderful meal, and just the right amount of food.

            As is mentioned elsewhere, Tojo's is terrific, but pricey. Go for the omikase (Tojo picks what you eat.) We chose the $75 option, but the $50 would have been just fine. He sends out lots of little courses, some cooked food, some sushi. It's great.

            Those, along with Sun Sui Wah for dim sum, are my favorites. Enjoy, and let us know if you find anything new and fantastic.