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Apr 5, 2001 01:39 PM

Toronto May 2-5 2001 Wine & Food Festival

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There are some interesting events this year, including about 40 dinners paired with wines. I'll include a link to the official site, as some of the top chefs are involved (and it's not just Canadian wines).
Some of the events don't list prices (at time of posting) and at least one restaurant has passed away, but there's enough info to pique my interest - and perhaps yours.


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    Elizabeth Seibert

    Thanks for posting this - which restaurant has passed on?

    BTW - really enjoyed your incredibly detailed review of Susur. 4 of us went in early Feb (we were all frequent Lotus customers) and were quite disappointed. There was a sameness to the flavours among dishes, and the service was very amateurish, particularly given the $1000 tab.

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      Roxborough is no more. Won't be missed by many (which is why it's no more!).
      And the chef at Sen5es (formerly Ned Bell) has also changed - I hear he's now at a winery restaurant in Niagara.

      And I've just posted a Susur postscript.