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Mar 26, 2001 06:53 PM

Chez Piggy

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I am going to be in Kingston this Friday,and of course,I'll be visiting Chez Piggy again,plus Pan Chancho. Chez Piggy has become a very fine restaurant now. Last time I was there,(December 1st-last year) the quality of the food astonished me! Yes,Chez Piggy has become close to world class. I had a lovely (boneless) salmon entree last time for dinner. It came with an understated and brilliantly prepared citrus sauce. The fish was cooked to perfection. Served with a wild and brown rice mixture,plus wonderful baby carrots,it was an evening to remember. The coffee is really superb. The desserts are well worth having. Esp the fruit crumbles. For lunches,there is nothing better than the rare roast beef on multigrain bread. The rolls continue to be a great treat. This is now a place that takes itself very seriously.

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  1. I agree that Chez Piggy is excellent however, if you have never been to Clark's on King, you really should go. The dining room is beautiful, the food sublime(a must have is their creme brule) and the service warm and knowledgable. It's a little more expensive than the pig, but it is worth it.

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      Marc Bernstein

      I have been to Clark's On King twice. It is indeed superb. It is really one of the most magnificent restaurants I have been to anywhere. The roast rack of lamb that I had there was wonderful! Another place,in Ottawa,Domus Cafe,may very well be the finest restaurant in Canada. I do like it much better than any place in Toronto. In Kitchener,20 King Street is always very good. In London,Sebastions is often worth visiting.