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Mar 25, 2001 11:37 AM

Want good picks in Toronto Chinatown

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I will be visiting Toronto April 12 to the 15 with my wife and her hockey team for a womens tournament. I am looking for suggestions of good chinese resteraunts in Chinatown. I have been there a couple of times in the past. Of course I don't remember where I went - both were good. A good Dim Sum recomendation would also be appreciated - I really picked a loser last time. Ambiance is not important - the food is.

Tom Scanlon
Mpls, Mn

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  1. First a definite recommendation: Peter's Chung King (South side of College just west of Spadina). It may not be the best on any individual item, but everything is done well. It's predominantly Szechuan, but there are non-spicy dishes available. Standouts are the Green Beans, Szechuan Shredded Beef and Spicy Chicken with Peanuts. Price - around $15 Cdn per person. They take reservations for large groups.

    For Dim Sum, easily the most expensive (by far) and the best is Lai Wah Heen in the Metropolitan Hotel. Not a typical Chowhound pick, BUT you can get decent dim sum all over the world, and this one is different and exceptional. Imagine dim sum meets Michelin starred. If you have the funds (and you're coming with US$) eat cheap on other days and give this a try. Everything is ordered from a menu and cooked fresh (no carts). You'll pay $3.50 -$7.00 (Cdn)per item, but never find higher quality (If you do, let me know).
    Of course, there's other good places at much lower prices.
    For other recommendations - what area of town are you staying in - there are now many different Chinatowns in Toronto (I assume you recall the original, which is away from most hotels). Also, how many people are likely to go, will they tolerate a line-up (up to 30 mins) and what (if anything) is the budget guideline. Also any favourite styles or dishes?