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Mar 1, 2001 07:04 PM

Vancouver - how far in advance to reserve?

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We're honeymooning in Vancouver (3/28-4/5), and were wondering how far in advance we would need to make reservations at:
Villa del Lupo
Le Crocodile

I've already booked at Tojo for omakase, of course! And I'm hoping Bacchus gives some preferential seating to Wedgewood guests.

We're not absolutely decided on where we want to dine, but if any of these places require reservations weeks in advance, 'twould be better to know now...

(we'll be hitting Thai and dim sum and sushi and burger and whatever places too... and after reading this board, I've got to try bubble tea)

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  1. Well, I'd avoid C, unless you want to pay $100 a person for the privilege of breaking out into uncontrollable laughter at what makes it onto your plate. And since you seem to be going high-end, you might as well include (or substitute) Lumiere and Bishop's, which are probably the best non-Asian places in town: extremely competent, even inspired, French cooking that makes great use of local ingredients.

    You won't need to reserve more than a few days in advance, but it also won't hurt to reserve now just in case.

    Also: under pain of death, make sure to eat at least twice at Sun Sui Wah, once for dim sum and the second time for dinner. Do not neglect the roast squab.

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      stephen letts

      Tell me more about "C".
      Why do you break out?? ha ha
      Is the concept of food to pretencious?
      Overdone<what gives<it is one of many complants on this site this year.

      1. re: Pepper
        Perri Kennedy

        Regarding C... after reading so many, er, interesting reports here, I'm tempted to try it out anyway. It might be amusing. (bear in mind that I love really bad movies!) However, it might be a bit much to pay for entertainment. :)

        My husband is only starting to venture into more interesting tastes (he'll readily go to Thai places, but always orders pad thai - still a major step up from when we started dating, when he thought pork fried rice was wild and exotic), so two visits to Sun Sui Wah might be out of the question. We are ending our vacation with two nights at the Radisson President in Richmond, so I'll have a last chance at West Coast dim sum there.

        Mmmm, squab, that's a good idea. At good Asian restaurants, I tend to go straight for squid dishes and forget to look at the rest of the menu!

        We still haven't made any firm dining decisions, other than Tojo's and Bacchus. Oh, and Montri Thai so Erik can have more pad thai. :) For some reason, he doesn't think you can get decent seafood in Vancouver, so my primary culinary goal is to demonstrate otherwise...