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Feb 27, 2001 12:32 PM

Toronto BYOB Restaurants

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Does anyone know of any restaurants in the Toronto area that allow you to bring your own wine? Has anyone ever tried this? The only place that I know that said they would allow this was Le Trou Normand in Yorkville. They said they would charge a $20 corking fee. I never actually tried this out, but I know from calling a number of the city's finer dining establishments, many will flatout refuse you bringing your own wine, even with a corking fee. It is a shame, especially if you have a special bottle of wine that you'd like a nice gourmet meal with. On the bright side, it has forced me to become quite a skilled home cook - just so I can do justice to some of my wines!

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  1. Blame the LLBO (Liquor License Board of Ontario). BYOB is prohibited - but as the number of inspectors is small, the chances of being caught are low. Penalty is usually lifting of the liquor license for a few weeks - financially devastating for most restaurants.
    There are theoretical ways of getting around it, but why should a restaurant do it? It's a real hassle.

    What we need is a campaign to change the Provincial Liquor Laws - next election is the right opportunity.

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      You are kidding me! What kind of a repressive regime do we live in? You can't enjoy your own bottle of wine in a restaurant? What an embarrassment. When you travel to other parts of the world and are exposed to more sane liquor regulation, you appreciate the silliness we put up with here.
      Well, thanks for the info anyway - I guess I'll just stop asking the restaurants from now on (I had no idea I was putting them in legal jeopardy!).
      I suspect, however, it would very difficult to get such rules changed. Wouldn't the restaurants be opposed to it? From what I understand, much of their profits come from alcohol (and judging by some of the outrageous wine mark-ups, that's a pretty healthy profit).