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Feb 21, 2001 10:07 AM

Avalon reviews?

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I wonder if anyone can tell me about their recent experiences at Avalon restaurant in Toronto. The place seems to be garnering a lot of praise from the local food critics, but I remain skeptical (see my message about Susur reviews). I went to Avalon several years ago (1997) and swore I would never return. It was unquestionably my worst fine dining experience in Toronto and it had nothing to do with the food (which was very good, as best I can remember). The service was horrible and the tables were packed so close together that whenever the waiter was attending to the couple next to us, his rear-end would be resting on our table. As well, they couldn't control their room temperature properly. Our side of the restaurant was burning up and we were all uncomfortably sweating, while the guests on the other side were shivering. Despite complaints from several customers, the waiters said there was nothing that could be done about this. It was all but impossible to enjoy the food. I'm hoping that things have improved since then and I am considering breaking my promise and returning to Avalon. If anyone out there can provide their opinions, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Was there recently for a Pacific North West Fair Dinner, and it was my best experience yet. I also had patchy meals in the past and my wife was treated atrociously when dining with a female friend (it's true, women get worse service).
    I also had been avoiding Avalon, despite the chefs obvious expertise it just wasn't enjoyable. However, a glimmer of hope based on my last visit. But again, at those prices there's plenty of choice and I can never find parking around there.