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Mar 23, 2002 11:54 AM

Seattle - Saturday luncheon/party for 12

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I have some newlyweds coming to town the first weekend in July to have a celebratory lunch with family in the area. It needs to be someplace where it would be pleasant to sit around and chat for a few hours, so maybe with a view or private room? I'm considering Salty's or Cutter's for the view despite hearing mixed reviews of the food. Any better ideas?

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  1. Avenue One meets all of your needs. Their Fireside Room accomodates around 15 to 20 guests and features a splendid Elliot Bay view from its Pike Market location. As the name suggests, it has a fireplace, though I would suspect that there will be no need for it in July. Lunch hours vary. I assume that by July they will be open for lunch. And yes, the food is far superior to Salty's or Cutters.

    1. There's always Ray's Boathouse, especially the deck upstairs off the bar, or Sam's Steakhouse on Eastlake, where Bridges used to be,arguably possessing one of the finest decks in Seattle.

      1. Palisades is a big open room with a view of downtown. Since you are planning on July you might want to visit Palisades in person to make a reservation. They will probably reserve a table by the window. If your lunch goes really long there is a pub-like place under Palisades called Maggie Bluffs. If Palisades looks like they want to kick you out you could migrate down to Maggies and hang out there 'til closing.

        1. i think a great choice for you would be Icon Grill downtown. they have a nice room that you can reserve, fun atmosphere and good food /service. no problem spending time there as we have work functions regularly that last a while.