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Candy cane ice cream

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Does anyone inthis sweet mother of a country know who makes/sells Candy Cane Ice Cream?


Desperate in Ottawa

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  1. Geesh, I would like to know too!

    Link: http://geocities.com/locopenguins

    1. I thought there was a President's Choice version, available at any of the Loblaws, Independent or Zehr's stores.

        1. PC sells a great version of it around christmas

          1. Chapman's makes one, but it's only available at Christmas time.

            And the PC variety? Totally ruined with chocolate "crackle."

            It would be like putting marshmallows in your coffee.

            1. Also around christmas... Greg's has a great candy cane ice cream. Summer's Ice Cream in yorkville does seasonal flavors (I had pumpkin last fall) so I wouldn't be surprised if they also did one too. However.... you will have to wait awhile :P

              1. You can make your own. Go to the Williams Sonoma site for the best recipe. It's really easy.