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Nov 22, 2000 10:09 AM

Whisler Restaurants

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We're headed for Whistler in February and need 8 Restaurants for breakfast , lunch and dinner.As well as any good food stuff you may know.
Thanks and HELP!!!

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  1. I too, am going to Whistler, but the first week of March. From various inquires I have made, there are numerous restaurants from the Micky D's to family types, to pubs, to fine dinning. Apparently there are excellent sushi/Japaneese restaurants. ( I guess that is do to the huge market of Japaneese skiers)
    Hope this helps, cordially, D.T.

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      The New York Times did an article on Whistler a few Sundays back. They mentioned quite a few restaurants
      and mentioned that they get quite full, making reservations necessary. I have made several reservations already, however, I would like to be sure that whenever we discover a new area that we experience the best it has to offer and of course I don't mean the most expensive and trendy. You should try to get your hands on the Times article.

      1. re: Corine

        Thanks for the info. I hope you will post your
        "discoveries" in February, as will I in March. I will be watching, cordially, D.T.