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Nov 13, 2000 11:39 PM

Domus Cafe,Ottawa.

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I have been in Domus Cafe a number of times. The food there is superb. Their soups are magnificently prepared;a work of art in every way. For example,take the soup I had last time I was at Domus Cafe:(Friday,lunch,October 27th) Leek and Potato soup. A non-cream soup,it was served in a large and very elegant bowl. With fine and locally grown herbs on top,the soup made as rarified a view,as it nourished and rewarded my taste buds! Then,the main course:a lovely baked breast of white meat chicken,served with pine nuts,a salad,a light and quite subtle pesto dressing. The new roasted new potatos,the young market field greens,all were a beautiful choice. The coffee was a nice dark roast. The dessert:a pecan tart with fresh vanilla ice cream,was a perfect way to end a lovely lunch before returning to Toronto.

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