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Oct 30, 2000 11:18 PM

Nortown,Daiters,and Toni Baloni Bistro.

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My recent experiences with shopping at Nortown/Daiters has been most distressing. The quality of the prepared foods there have been uneven. Most of the prepared foods are really overpriced,and greasy,plus spoiled too! As for Toni Baloni bistro on Cumberland,I think the food is so insulting,and so full of oil,it is pathetic!! The burned menu,the wise-cracking style,the dark room,plus the chef's heavy hand with soups,pastas-they are gummy and floating in oil-and the veal dishes are tough,and sauces too heavy!! Even the coffee tastes bitter!!! As for the desserts-in a word-THUMBS DOWN!!!!!!!! Daiters:Don't go there-boycott them-they sell moldy bagels,moldy cheese,snapple-which has mold-!! Nortown:OVERPRICED and OBNOXIOUS!!!! BOY,I WISH THAT Toronto HAD A "SEBASTIONS!!!"

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  1. You have obviously not been to the DAITER'S Bathurst St. store, which is not directly connected to the one you speak of. I cannot speak for Daiter's Nortown, because I don't have occasion to shop there, but I've had nothing but good experiences with the Bathurst St. store. Give it a try. No mouldy bagels. No spoiled prepared food (I love their whitefish spread/salad and their potato salad). They also have the best price around for Ben and Jerry's.

    1. It's true that Daiter's is pretty awful (and their attitude - feh!)but the food at Nortown on Eglinton, although pricy, is fresh, and the staff is friendly. It's the customers who might ram you with a shopping cart.