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Oct 2, 2000 05:01 PM

Vancouver dim sum?

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On two trips to Vancouver I ate wonderful dim sum at a place whose name none of my group can remember. It is in Chinatown. The dining room is upstairs, cavernous, and mostly red or pink. The fabulous lo bak ko (fried turnip cakes) are made fresh alongside your table, although most dim sum comes on carts.

Does anyone recognize this place? One friend thinks it is called "Ming's" but another thinks a word like "palace" or "royal" is part of the name.

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  1. This might be the place. Found on a web search:

    "Ming's Night Club and restaurant at 147 East Pender. Makes no attempt to attract non-Chinese, but is lushly ornate and worth the experience. One day will be better reviewed."

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    1. re: Randy Brook

      Ming's is an upstairs restaurant. I seem to think it was closed last time I was home (Aug 2000). I've only been there once but it was very good. But then again, many dim sum restaurants in Vancouver are quite good and inexpensive. I miss it all very much.

      1. re: Rhea

        Seems like Ming's is still closed. At least, as of two weeks ago they weren't answering their phone. I kept trying starting two weeks before that.

        1. re: Randy Brook
          Patricia Mitchell

          We love the Floata located in Chinatown. Sorry don't know exact location but close to the field hockey arena.

          1. re: Patricia Mitchell

            Floata is a great dim sum place! It's on Keefer St. at Columbia St. above an Asian mini-mall. Huge restaurant with a huge selection of dim sum. Another great place is Sun Sui Wah on Main St. at 23rd Ave. Or Spicy Court on Cambie St. at 40th Ave. As a Vancouver foodie, I find that a lot of the "better" Chinese restaurants are outside of the Chinatown area.

            For a few more dining ideas around Vancouver, check us out: (a not-for-profit site my partner and I manage just for the love of food in Vancouver!).