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Oct 1, 2000 08:49 PM

London, Ont.

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Is there anywhere at all worth eating at in London, Ont.?

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    Peter Binkow

    There is a not-outstanding but very good and very affordable place called the Waterlot Inn in New Hamburg, just outside of Stratford, Ontario (the home of North America's premier Shakespeare festival). I believe it's approximately 1/2 hour from London. I posted the link below.

    If you're in Stratford, there's a good, if a bit overpriced, restaurant called Rundles with great service and atmosphere and a good menu. It is, I believe, the only place worth eating in Stratford outside of Tim Horton's, but the theater can be excellent. If you're going this year, see Hamlet and Medea.


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      Thanks for the tip - good for next trip.
      Having just visited my old home town it seems more dismal than ever - fish and chips (albeit much better ones than those available in Brooklyn, NY...) to the nth power.
      It's a shame when there is so much good produce, cheese, etc. available to the cook. One would hope that a Rundles-style joint would play well among the London arts and academic communities.

      1. re: Susan Marme
        Marc Bernstein

        I have visited London often over the past 25 years. As a matter of fact,there are some very good indeed,first class restaurants there. One of them is Sebastions. I find the food wonderful,always interesting,quite often abit too ambitious,but still worthwhile. I also like a restaurant/bistro in the older part of the city. They don't have a large menu,but their lamb is just superb. The art gallery also does many things well on their lunch menu. I miss Chris Squire's restaurant.

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          Try Garlic's. Really good food and very nice atmosphere. It's on Richmond near Dufferin.

          1. re: Adam

            Garlic's is a great restaurant on "Richmond Row" as are Mykonos on Adelaide for Greek cuisine and Bradley Place for the very best Prime Rib ever. Angelo's on Wonderland Rd. is another great deli/bakery eatin/take out restaurant. Shiki is good for sushi and other Japanese style food. London has a lot to offer!

    2. I've been searching for years, and the answer is 'not really' (my daughter lives in London, Ont so I visit regularly).
      You might try the Mongolian Grill - it's not bad and at least you can spice things up with your own choice of sauces. It's particularly good if people all have different tastes.

      1. Angelo's is great for Italian (sanwiches, pizza).
        Thai House (on Wellington and Commissioner's) is very good. Not a fancy Richmond Row place but great service and excellent food.
        Everyone says Vietnam, on Dundas, is fantastic. I've even run into people in NYC who know of it. I've only ever experienced the smell of it, and that was enough to keep my mouth watering!
        Sebastians is good, and the Runt Club isn't bad.

        Just my two cents.

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        1. re: Zahra
          London fellow

          The Thai-Vietnamese place at Ridout and York is better than Thai House by far. Taste of India on York is good. Jambalya on Richmond is pretty good.